Progressive coalition “Protect Our Jobs” pushes Michigan constitutional amendment to protect collective bargaining

A coalition of “front-line teachers, first responders, construction workers, and clergy” called “Protect Our Jobs” is holding a press conference this afternoon to kick-off a petition drive for a constitutional amendment to protect collective bargaining rights for Michigan workers. The purpose of the amendment is to enshrine into our state Constitution the basic right of […]

Labor & environmental leaders unite to fight efforts to weaken environmental protections

Last week in Lansing, Michigan, leaders from labor and environmental groups around the country gathered to show a united front in their opposition to efforts by Republicans in Congress to weaken environmental protections. As John Walke at the National Resources Defense Council wrote about last fall, the drumbeats are incessant: The week of October 2nd, […]

Vote for the 2011 Scrooge of Year


Republicans are hell-bent on returning the country to the Gilded Age, with the richest 1 percent making extraordinary gains in the last decade that have created a huge wealth disparity in the country, so it’s only fitting that voting has begun for Jobs with Justice’s 12th Annual Scrooge of Year contest. The annual contest highlights […]

Hand-me-downs and legacies

Today is my birthday. Like many birthdays before this one, the birthday emotions get mixed up with the Thanksgiving emotions, and I find myself celebrating my life simply by being grateful for the people I love. Sometimes that means calling with my dad just to make sure he knows how much I love him. Sometimes […]

ACTION: Mich GOP to use “imaginary wages” & “imaginary pensions” to reduce workers’ comp benefits

You have to hand it to the Republicans in the Michigan legislature. Just when you think it’s not possible for them to kick the 99% in the face any more ruthlessly, they go and prove you wrong. Their current targets are workers who are injured on the job and the creative ways they are coming […]

Working America introduces the “Job Tracker”. You can help make it viral.

Working America, a community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, has created a Job Tracker that allows you to identify companies are not doing their part to help our country and our economy. Find out which companies in your area are exporting jobs, laying off workers, endangering workers’ health or involved in cases of violations of workers’ […]

Next on the Michigan GOP hit list: Police and firefighters

They’ve pretty much villified and demonized the unionized teachers in Michigan and taken every available step toward stripping them of any ability to bargain for and/or receive decent labor agreements. So who is next on the Michigan Republican’s hitlist? Police and firefighters, of course. Police and fire unions are opposing a bill they said would […]

Rally & March to support University of Michigan nurses in their contract dispute

The University of Michigan Professional Nurse Council (UMPNC) has been in contract negotiations with the University of Michigan for over six months. The University has been holding firm on not making any significant concessions which is making the possibility of a strike by the 4000 unionized nurses more and more likely. I have a friend […]

Michigan AFL-CIO elects Karla Swift as their new president

At their state convention this week, the Michigan AFL-CIO elected former We the People state director Karla Swift as their new president. Swift takes over for Mark Gaffney who led the group for 12 year. On October 3, delegates at the Michigan AFL-CIO State Convention elected Karla Swift as President and Daryl Newman as Secretary-Treasurer. […]

The People’s News 9/27/2011

Here are today’s top Michi­gan news stories… LSJ: State pol­icy rec­om­mends ties for guys, despite Gov. Rick Snyder’s casual style — After months of the gov­er­nor show­ing up at events in a sports coat sans tie, a new direc­tive has gone out to thou­sands of state employ­ees say­ing ties for men are pre­ferred when rep­re­sent­ing the state on […]

The People’s News 9/26/11

Here are the top Michigan news stories… FREE PRESS Editorial: Unions, Michigan have no time for a right-to-work brawl – But the possibility that Republicans have the votes needed to adopt a right-to-work law doesn’t mean it would be wise — or politically profitable, by even the most cynical calculus — to do so. It is hard […]

GOP uses FOIA case to further attack teacher unions


LANSING – The GOP war on unions and teachers continued in full force after a House Committee moved a bill that would make it a crime for a public sector union member to use a public Wi-Fi e-mail system to send or receive an e-mail or talk about forming a union in a public building. […]