Audio: Mackinac Center disingenuous on Michigan job growth


Today we have an audioblog instead of the usual briefing, where I review the facts behind this Mackinac Center post. In particular I take issue with this: A look at the employment shows that the recovery has been substantial, better than average, and only partly caused by the resurgence of the auto industry. … It […]

Mike Karl – The best job creator is the middle class consumer


Today we are back with labor activist Mike Karl to talk about Solidarity, the fast food strikes, and more. We also skip headlines today to do our summary of Congressional activity. We discuss: The resurgence in solidarity Fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay Labor movement as a social justice movement The role of […]

Mike Karl and the role of rank & file labor


We normally talk to Emily Dievendorf on Fridays but she couldn’t make it this week, so labor activist Mike Karl is joining us to introduce us to the work that he does. Today we discuss: Empowering the rank & file to understand that they are the union Communication & education to help members understand how […]

Sequester impact on Michigan, audio from Dan Kildee, Sean McCann, Curtis Hertel Jr, UAW membership on the rise, Agema still hurting GOP


Today we have more audio from the March 28 tele-presser with Congressman Dan Kildee, State Rep Sean McCann, and Ingham County Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel Jr. The official recording of the entire presser is in the show notes. The full audio includes the identification of the media as well as the Kildee audio that […]

Union busting via right-to-work-for-less is already creating government jobs


Hey hey right to work for less is already creating jobs in Michigan. One job that is. More specifically, one government job. At the advanced level – this position will be responsible for performing Freedom to Work and Right to Work research and analysis of laws pertaining to FTW laws in conjunction with other laws […]

Snyder hints that rtw was on his agenda since last summer

So Snyder has been repeating a few things since he pushed rtw through lame duck: 1. It wasn’t on his agenda until everyone else put it there. 2. It was put on his agenda because of the union push for Prop 2 3. He never lied about this issue, not ever ever ever. And then […]

House Democratic Leader, Tim Greimel Appears on Jansing & Company on Right to Freeload


State Representative Tim Greimel appeared on Jansing & Company this morning to speak about the Right to Freeload legislation that the Republicans have rammed through the Michigan legislature with no hearings, no public comment, no democracy.  Tim made some great comments on how bad this legislation will be for workers in Michigan and our economy […]

Events for Monday 12-10-12


This was supposed to be part of the daily briefing, but the briefing won’t be ready until later today. Sorry, it’s an ear doctor thing. So here are some events for you to consider today: Michigan Nurses Association will be at the front Capitol steps, 10:30am, to speak out against Snyder’s “Right to Steal” legislation. […]

Message to Governor Rick Snyder


Education Action Group Backs a Flop


Cross-posted from Last week, the conservative blame-unions-for-everything mantra was given an apparent boost from a new movie,  Won’t Back Down. It depicts a mother and teacher taking advantage of a parent trigger law to save their children from the clutches of a nasty teacher’s union. Joining in the right’s revelry was EAGNews’ Victor Skinner: […]

Mike Papantonio on the privatization of education


Mike filled in for Ed Schultz on Friday 4/27. This is a 3 minute clip from hour 1, where he’s talking about the real purpose behind the attack on public education. If you have trouble with the flash player, you can download the mp3 directly here. Here’s another clip from the same show: Mike Papantonio […]

GOP outraged that workers are fighting back

Just like when the middle and working classes finally began to fight back against the huge and growing wealth disparity and distribution of wealth, Republicans called it “class warfare,” and Republicans in Michigan are calling the decision to fight back against all of the anti-union bills being passed in the GOP-controlled Legislature “divisive.” On Tuesday […]