Wednesday briefing and open thread (April 18, 2012)


Filling in for Christine today, and since it was an enormously busy day and evening yesterday running a bit late, but that’s a good thing. Means things are happening. Sooooo right on with some news…. In the News: Protest at Scott Walker Republican Fund Raiser in Troy, MI Yesterday, hundreds of protesters jeered at Michigan […]

Occupy Detroit and others to rally at home of foreclosure victim Alma Counts – UPDATED


Occupy Detroit, Moratorium Now!, UAW, People Before Banks, Metro AFL-CIO, and Jobs With Justice are having press conference tomorrow at the home of Alma Counts, a paralyzed senior citizen on fixed income facing foreclosure by Chase bank. They will also be having a rally at the downtown Detroit branch of Chase bank later in the […]

“The Saga of Larry Tunner” – An #Occupy movie that needs YOUR help


“If corporations are people, they are the vampires of our age” – Larry Tunner Larry Tomlinson is a movie-maker out of Ypsilanti. Together with with Jeff Morgan, he is preparing to make an Occupy-themed movie called The Saga of Larry Tunner that could very well help to shape the conversation leading up to our election […]

Occupalooza comes to Traverse City, Michigan THIS SATURDAY!

This Saturday, up in the frozen pinky of Michigan, a group of fine organizers is having an event they call OCCUPALOOZA. Admission is a suggested donation of 99¢ (of course!) The event will feature speakers, live music, a silent auction and a food drive. It starts at 5:30 p.m. and goes through 11:00 p.m. and […]

David Cobb, champion of ending corporate personhood, to speak in Grand Rapids, Michigan

David Cobb, a former Green Party candidate for president and current spokesperson for the Move to Amend initiative, will be speaking in Grand Rapids on January 12. I have no affiliation with Mr. Cobb or his group but their effort to revoke the treatment of corporations as persons (“corporate personhood”) with rights like “freedom of […]

Members of Occupy Flint reject ABC 12 news report as false, one-sided

ABC 12 issued a report on Occupy Flint yesterday in which Adam Gerics discusses the Flint encampment: But that’s not the only challenge facing occupiers. Gerics says he left the encampment a few days ago. “It’s changed because it’s become, parties until 5, 6 o’clock in the morning, there’s some illicit chemicals going on too.” […]