“The Saga of Larry Tunner” – An #Occupy movie that needs YOUR help


“If corporations are people, they are the vampires of our age” – Larry Tunner Larry Tomlinson is a movie-maker out of Ypsilanti. Together with with Jeff Morgan, he is preparing to make an Occupy-themed movie called The Saga of Larry Tunner that could very well help to shape the conversation leading up to our election […]

Colbert: SuperPAC Top 22 List includes 2 Michigan GOP Top Funders


The Colbert Report is making a bunch of noise since yesterday when Steven Colbert listed the Top 22 Super PAC donors revealing half of all Super PAC money came from their $67 million in contributions alone. The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive From NYT coverage, Colbert says: […]

Occupy our Homes on Tony Tupiano’s First Shift this morning

Zachary Steve will be on First Shift this morning at 7.50am to discuss the Detroit Occupy our Homes initiative. The Occupy our Homes (Detroit) organizing meeting takes place tomorrow at 6pm, at the Arab Community Cntr for Economic & Social Svcs,** 2651 Saulino Ct, Dearborn, MI 48120-1556. The Occupy Detroit organization meets tomorrow at 5.30, […]

Living in an “Occupy”d World

I know there have been articles on here about the Occupy movement sweeping the country.   I don’t know how anyone could refute the immensity of this phenomena, regardless the side they are on.   This is the definitely the hot new buzz word. However, a friend of mine and I were talking today and […]

Mich Supreme Court: Okay to tax seniors’ pensions but not raise taxes on the wealthy

The Detroit Free Press characterizes a move by the Michigan Supreme Court as a “victory” for Governor Rick Snyder. The reality is that it is a solid defeat for the 99% and a “victory” for the 1%. The Michigan Supremes basically said it’s okay to tax seniors’ pensions but not okay to raise taxes on […]

Social forum on Working People’s Power + Occupation Teach-In coming to Ann Arbor

Two events this week for folks interested in the We Are the 99%/Occupy movement. The Washtenaw Community Action Team (WCAT) (part of the We Are the People Michigan coalition), Occupy Ann Arbor and Occupy UM will jointly hold a pair of events this week that address the Occupy movements and how local labor, students and […]

Nolan Finley trots out debunked myth that “The 1% does most of the giving”

Nolan Finley at the Detroit News just can’t seem to bash the Occupy Wall Street folks enough. First, it was his article where he basically called the protesters a bunch of animals and derided them as being simply “malcontents”. This week, he trots out a debunked-many-times-over myth that “the 1% does most of the giving”. […]

Some views from last Saturday’s Occupy Lansing rally (VIDEO)

A great video shot by Doug Miller of Capture Me Films last weekend at Reutter Park and the state Capitol during the Occupy Lansing rally. Really good stuff. And here’s another from Bonnie Bucqueroux of Lansing Online News. Cross-posted from Eclectablog.

Attention Michigan medical community: Occupy Detroit needs YOU!!!

The organizers of Occupy Detroit are putting out an urgent call to the Michigan medical community. Your help is urgently needed to staff a medical tent at the occupation in Grand Circus Park. From Monica RW at Reach Out Job Search: A Facebook Logistics page has been set up to coordinate the URGENT NEED medical […]

Detroit News editorial: Occupy Detroit protesters are a “menagerie of malcontents”

Nolan Finley, the editorial page editor for the Detroit News, is never a person I would expect to understand what it means to be unemployed, losing your home, or otherwise a victim of the banking collapse that resulted in the economic tar pit we find ourselves in today. He has proven, time and again, that […]