Cut the crud. We know renewable energy works for Michigan.

Last night my son scrambled over to me all wide eyed and urgent “Dad! DAD!! The TV had a commercial that was saying bad things about Proposal 3!!!!” (Proposal 3, for those who aren’t aware, is the ballot initiative to increase Michigan’s use of renewable energy – Wind, Solar, and Biomass – to 25% by […]

Michigan is 175 years old today! Why we fight for this beautiful state.

Today is Michigan’s 175th birthday. As a proud, lifelong Michigander, I am so happy to wish my beautiful state a glorious happy birthday. It’s because this state is so beautiful, has so much spirit and is full of so many amazing people that we here at Blogging for Michigan and so many others will never […]

Dr. Syed Taj announces candidacy for MI-11

Canton Trustee Dr. Taj to run for Congress ATTN: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Canton Trustee Dr. Taj to run for Congress in Michigan’s new 11th District Contact: Natalie Mosher, Campaign Manager E-mail: Phone: (734) 502-7422 Wednesday, November 02, 2011 The 2012 election cycle is really heating up and Michigan’s new congressional district lines are […]

“Reforming” no-fault insurance in Michigan: the GOP’s gift to insurance companies

NOTE: updated to correct info about Sen. Joe Hune, Rep. Pete Lund and the House & Senate versions of the bill. Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance is the GOP’s current target for reform. In what can only be described as a gift to auto insurance companies, they are looking to remove the requirement for unlimited lifetime […]

Mitt Romney writes off Michigan and most of the Rust Belt at last night’s debate

It’s not like Mitt Romney was counting on Michigan for any sort of support already. As I said before, if Mitt Romney wins the GOP nomination, he should probably just skip Michigan, after his New York Times editorial called “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” back in 2008: It will be interesting to see if Romney dares […]

New book by Jennifer Granholm & Dan Mulhern — A review of “A Governor’s Story”

I have a new piece up at A2Politico, a review of former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm’s new book A Governor’s Story, co-authored with her husband and partner, Dan Mulhern. The book, released today, is an important contribution to the political discussions taking place in America today. Here are a few excerpts from my review. A […]

Out of touch programmers bring more syndicated right-wing psycho talk to Blue Michigan


Apparently, the syndicators over at CBS Radio don’t know jack about Michigan or Detroit, or they would not have decided to switch Detroit radio station WXYT-AM (1270) from its current sports format to more syndicated right-wing psycho talk. CBS announced on Monday that the station will switch to the rightwing format on Sept. 12. The […]

PHOTOBLOG: President Obama visits (another) Holland, Michigan battery plant

NOTE: All photos by Anne C. Savage. Feel free to link to these images for non-commercial use. However, we ask that you leave Anne's watermark on the image and give her photo credit with a link back to her website. If you do use any of the images please send us the link so we […]

Michigan companies receive nearly $36 million to fund advanced vehicle R&D


Hoo boy, this is going to irritate the teabaggers. The Department of Energy announced today that more than $175 million has been awarded to fund energy research projects. Specifically, the projects will help improve the fuel efficiency of next generation vehicles. The awards reflect only a portion of the investment in these projects. There are […]

Making the Chevy Volt

Wed Dec 01, 2010 at 07:49:27 AM EST Cool time-lapse video of the Volt on the line from start to finish. One thing to notice is the use of robots in assembly – a major factor in the increase of productivity and the decrease in automotive and other manufacturing jobs over the past few decades. […]