Rudy Hobbs: The House Republicans did the best they could

rudy hobbs

Today we talk to Rudy Hobbs. He has only a few minutes here but we get in a handful of topics. Short notes for today. We talk about .. The Medicaid expansion legislation isn’t ‘perfect’ The House Dems’ resolution calling for an investigation into gas gouging His campaign for the US Congress Why the House […]

Amy Kerr Hardin – Emergency Managers have their own ‘sacred cows’


Today we talk to Amy Kerr Hardin about a few things, from EMs to schools to the cognitive dissonance of the voters. This episode came in at just over an hour long. The conversation with Amy is about half of the episode. It was one of the most fun conversations I’ve had in a long […]

Snyder’s merit pay idea fails the test


Adding to an already impressive list of legislative “solutions” that don’t actually solve any problems, Rick Snyder and the Michigan legislature have decided to consider “merit pay” for public educators. Like many of their previous legislative priorities – corporate tax cuts, charter schools , right to work – Republicans seem more interested in placating their […]

Test Score Based Pay Should be Piloted in Prison by Posthumus-Lyons’ Husband


House Bill 4625 would tie public school teacher pay to students’ stardardized test scores. In opposition, some people have advocated tying legislator pay to specific outcomes including lower unemployment and fully funded schools. I would hate to subject all legislators to the shortsightedness of a few, but would like to see the sponsors of House […]

House Republicans Move Forward Anti-Teacher Legislation Despite Objections From Almost Every Educational Group in the State


The House Education Committee passed a bill today (HB4625) that would institute merit pay for new teachers or for those wanting to opt into the merit pay system.  The bill would become law when the Michigan Council on Educator Effectiveness, whose members are all appointed by Republicans, put out their final teacher evaluation tool.  That group has been meeting for 18 months […]

Rudy Hobbs – That’s how the Republican Speaker operates

rudy hobbs

In this shotcast we talk to Rudy Hobbs about the role of Floor Leader and what it’s like working with Jase Bolger. Today we talk about: Speaker Bolger is a bully What the floor leader does The importance of relationships Having the right people in the right places Taking it to the Republicans Engaging with […]

MI talent & attraction – the difference between the Dems & the GOP


I was on Night Shift to discuss MI talent & attraction. To his credit, Governor Snyder recognizes that we need to develop and retain talent in Michigan, but his focus is on matching employees with employers through his website, and inviting wealthy immigrants to come to Michigan. The Democratic position is a holistic approach, focusing […]

Adam Zemke – I challenge anyone to argue in favor of PA297


Today we talk to State Rep Adam Zemke about his bill HB 4742. HB 4742 would repeal PA297 of 2011, which is the bill that bans benefits for the domestic partners of public sector employees. We discuss: The economic impact of PA297 when it takes effect on June 30 How PA297 impacts the employees at […]

Fixing the Roads: The Issues, the Numbers, and Why Schools are Being Dragged Into the Mess


A recent town hall meeting on road funding in Wexford County revealed a lot about the condition of our roads.  It also revealed the most likely scenario for funding ongoing road repairs. County Road Association of Michigan Deputy Director Ed Noyola set the tone for the meeting by saying “your roads stink.”  Kelly Bartlett from the Department of […]

Rudy Hobbs – Sick leave legislation is a public health issue

rudy hobbs

In this special audio segment we talk to State Rep Rudy Hobbs about his legislation, HB4706 (Hobbs press release here) Today we discuss: The stats on how many people cannot take a sick day This bill makes sense from economic security and public health perspectives How the GOP will react to this bill This is […]

House Dems propose legislation to expand education & access to health care for women


Once again the House Dems are leading from the minority. This week they’ve introduced four bills and three resolutions to address health care issues specific to women. From the press release: “We have all heard from women and their families across Michigan that they need better access to women’s health care services,” said Greimel. “This […]

Walt Sorg on GOP destruction of environmental protections and Michigan’s natural resources

walt sorg

Walt Sorg joins us to discuss the way that the Republicans in Lansing are gutting the bejoobers out of our environmental protections. It’s scary and heart-breaking. We talk about the content in Walt’s recent article in the Lansing City Pulse – The pendulum has swung Today we talk about The history of environmental protections in […]