Texist GOP fails to pass their abortion bill, for now


Well I don’t know about you folks, but I found the news to be a skoch confusing this morning. Last I checked before bed, we were all #stand[ing]withwendy and she was nearing the end her filibuster. First thing I see this morning is, Republican leaders called a voice vote on #SB5 at 12:01 am & […]

Bert Johnson: Without Medicaid expansion, people will die


Today we talk to Bert Johnson about the failure of Randy Richardville & Senate Republicans to do the right thing on Medicaid. We talk about: Why he felt worse about Medicaid than he did after lame duck The Governor and LG were absent while the legislature took up the most significant legislation in Snyder’s time […]

Lonnie Scott: paid sick leave is a public health issue


Today we talk to our old pal Lonnie Scott about the issue of paid sick leave. We talk about: The hypocrisy of the GOP on paid sick leave How this issue reveals the underlying agenda / values of the GOP Paid sick leave is a public health issue Republicans: in this country we do not […]

Politics trump science in attack on women’s health

LANSING – Michigan House Republicans rammed a three-bill package of complex, anti-choice bills through the Health Policy Committee on Thursday that will, in the words of the ACLU of Michigan and Planned Parenthood of Michigan,  be “the biggest assault on women’s health in our state’s history.” House Bills 5711-5713 were passed out of the Committee […]

Michigan House Republicans attack women’s health

Michigan House Republicans are using their majority while they still have it to push, at lightning speed, a package of bills that the ACLU of Michigan and Planned Parenthood of Michigan are calling “The biggest assault on women’s health in our state’s history.” The House Health Policy Committee is taking up House Bills 5711-5713 at […]

Tell Hoekstra and Romney NO on November 6


As you know, the 2012 elections are less than six months from now and the stakes are higher than ever. Whoever wins this election will determine whether our nation will continue to move to a new tune or rewind the same old song. We want leaders who can relate to and implement measures that will […]

House GOP gins up another fake war on religion


Republicans are so desperate to find an election issue to get their bases excited about their poor Presidential field that they have made up another phony war on religion based on President Obama’s decision to require employers to make birth control available to workers with no co-pay. On Wednesday Michigan House Republicans got into the […]

Lies Wrapped in a Pink Ribbon


Cross-posted at Progress Michigan. Millions of women battling breast cancer have counted on the pink ribbon as a symbol of hope, solidarity and strength. Now even that has been taken away, thanks to right-wing leaders who think they have more rights to control our bodies than we do. I’ve been a conflicted supporter of Susan […]

Michigan Republicans vote to turn down federal money to create statewide health exchange

Republicans got very, very busy in the short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. One of the things House Republicans did was to vote to turn down federal funds for creating a statewide health exchange to help make health care insurance available to all Michiganders. In an action with major implications for health reform in Michigan, […]

Republicans turn down nearly $10 million in federal funds just for politics


LANSING – With schools and local governments tightening their belts and laying off long-time loyal employees because of tight budgets and cuts from Lansing, it doesn’t make much sense to turn down almost $10 million in federal funding no matter what it’s for, but that is exactly what the Republicans in the Michigan Legislature did. […]

State Rep. Margaret O’Brien wrong on Stryker, Medical Device Excise Tax

State Rep. Margaret O’Brien and Stryker Corp. Chairman President and CEO Stephen P. MacMillan are preaching gloom and doom about that pesky health care bill. They want us to believe that the Medical Device Excise tax is a serial job killer, working it’s way through the medical device industry. Gloom, despair, agony. I call shenanigans. […]

New GOP tax + Blue Cross MI ‘solution’ costs me about $3 more per month ..

Just got this from my employer .. Please see the attached letter from Blue Cross/Blue Shield concerning a new State of Michigan tax being applied to Health Insurance Claims beginning 1/1/2012. Blue Cross is applying a .75% tax factor to the group’s monthly premium as their solution to collecting the necessary $$ for the new […]