Ten Strikes Bill — BEAT IT

To follow up on our previous post about the Ten Strikes Bill (S. 978), we are happy to report that over 150,000 Americans have spoken out against this legislation. Hundreds of videos in opposition to S.978 have emerged on YouTube in the days since Demand Progress first issued an alert about the bill. Demand Progress has […]

The People’s News 7/14/11

Here are today's top stories – Macomb Daily: Surprise! School taxes up in many Macomb districts and MCC – Macomb Community College and more than a dozen local school districts across the county have quietly boosted property taxes, and officials blame the increase on the same dramatically lower property values that have caused cash-strapped homeowners to deal […]

The GOP’s Honeymoon Is So Over

Voters want an annulment. Republicans swept last year's elections. The GOP captured more than 675 state legislative seats, flipped 10 governor's mansions, gained control of over 20 state legislative chambers, and won more than 60 seats in Congress previously occupied by Democrats. Elections this lopsided have consequences for the victors and vanquished alike. Usually these […]

BREAKING: Mich Teachers’ Union WILL be supporting recall of Gov. Rick Snyder!

[permalink]BREAKING: Mich Teachers’ Union WILL be supporting recall of Gov. Rick Snyder! [/permalink] Early this week, I reported that the Michigan Education Association (MEA), the union for Michigan teachers, was getting involved with various recall efforts around the state. After hearing from Chris Bowers at Daily Kos, I pulled my punch a bit with this […]

Rick Snyder recall news – looking for a place to sign a petition? Big push this weekend!

First of all, if you’re looking for news regarding the recall of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, you should “Like” their Facebook page and then monitor it. Lotsa news there. Also, Bruce Fealk at The Rochester Citizen has this news: The effort to recall Governor Rick Snyder is in its final four weeks. The effort requires […]

Breaking election fundraising laws is okay in Michigan – If you are a Republican

Well, isn’t this special??? Area Democrats want to know why Gov. Rick Snyder used his staff and local county governments to spread invitations to a Grand Traverse County Republican Party fundraiser. Greg Andrews, the governor’s Marquette-based northern Michigan representative, sent an email to local governments that encouraged officials to attend the Governor’s Breakfast on Saturday […]

The People’s News 7/7/11

Here are today's top news stories from around the state. Don't forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest breaking information straight to your inbox in the fight to protect Michigan's people sign up on our website.   WOOD TV: Pri­va­ti­za­tion protests at vet­er­ans home Pro­tes­tors went pub­lic with a mes­sage Wednes­day evening, upset […]

MDP Chair Brewer: The party is not ‘grassroots’


Eclectabad* has a great post on DailyKos on the difference between Wisconsin and Michigan. The post compares how the two Democratic parties are handling recall efforts. I’m jacking his images here to show the difference: According to the article, the MDP will not get involved in any recalls, or in any efforts to repeal the […]

The People’s News 7/6/11

Last week Republicans around the state introduced efforts to kick-off so-called Right to Work measures here in the Great Lakes State. We know that these efforts are anything but good for workers or our state, and you can learn here more.  Tonight in Traverse City, Grand Traverse County Commission and Tea Party activist Jason Gillman […]

The Attack On Teachers Is A Precursor Of Things To Come

Fire Rick Snyder

The Republicans are so transparent about their non-transparency it is a wonder they have accomplished anything, but sad to say they certainly have. When the Radical Reagan Republicans and their knight errant Governor Snyderengler chose to gut K-12 education funding by hundreds of dollars in per pupil expenditures and give it to colleges and universities, […]

Governor Rick Snyder Announces State-Run School System; Appoints Emergency Manager Roy Roberts to Lead

Promoted by Eclectablog on July 2, 2011 July 1, 2011 Detroit— Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has announced a broad new plan to overhaul Detroit public Schools (DPS) and create a state-run educational authority.  Roy Roberts, who replaced Robert Bobb as Emergency Manager (EM) of Detroit Public Schools (DPS), was named Executive Committee Chair for the […]

Special Veterans Event + The People’s News 6/27

Happy Monday, Michigan! It's a beautiful day, but unfortunately we can't say the same thing for what's brewing inside of our State Capitol. While politicians continue pass legislation hurting our working men and women, including our veterans, tomorrow we'll be honoring Michigan's veterans in a special event with Army veteran and Congressman John Dingell at […]