Amy Kerr Hardin: Complexity is not the same as chaos


Today we have Amy Hardin back with us again, this time to talk about mergers & consolidations. Amy’s notes: The 3 myths about local units of government in Michigan: 1. We have too many units 2. They are too costly 3. Mergers are the cure-all (primary myth to expand upon) Here’s some introductory text I […]

Ned Staebler: Talent attraction is not a partisan issue


Today we have Ned Staebler with us to talk about talent development, retention, and attraction. We talk about, Michigan needs to invest more in education in order to raise the standard of living here Union jobs kept wages disproportionately high relative to educational level Other states have figured out that human capital is the most […]

Amy Kerr Hardin: Corruption did not cause deindustrialization


Today Amy & I are talking about Detroit. Speculating a bit on how we got here and what’s next. Guest: Amy Kerr Hardin Here are Amy’s awesome notes: DETROIT, BY THE NUMBERS: Debt of about $17 to $20 billion (estimates vary depending on the source), with $10 billion owed to roughly 20,000 retirees, and of […]

Nathan Triplett: We have an obligation to protect our residents

East Lansing City Council

Today we talk to Nathan Triplett about his work with One Capital Region and bringing equality to Michigan. We talk about, East Lansing has the oldest non discrimination ordinance in the country adopted in 1972 Equality is a responsibility of local governments Nathan’s history with equality issues One Capitol Region campaign What is slowing down […]

Amy Kerr Hardin – GOP is deliberately lying about education funding


Today we have Amy back with us to discuss education funding. As you know, the Republicans have been patting themselves on the back for “increasing” education funding. It’s not actually an increase though, as Amy explains. Hey, there’s a reason “conservative” starts with “con.” Guest: Amy Kerr Hardin of Democracy Tree Shownotes: MICHIGAN EDUCATION FUNDING […]

Broken bureaucracy is bad for education, Gov. Snyder


If you happen to be on Governor Snyder’s email list you know he has been talking up his education policy recently. His most recent promotional item is the claim that state education spending has increased each year of his term. While it is true that “state” spending has increased each year total spending on education […]

Bert Johnson: Without Medicaid expansion, people will die


Today we talk to Bert Johnson about the failure of Randy Richardville & Senate Republicans to do the right thing on Medicaid. We talk about: Why he felt worse about Medicaid than he did after lame duck The Governor and LG were absent while the legislature took up the most significant legislation in Snyder’s time […]

Amy Kerr Hardin: Republicans and Democrats have different tastes in art


Amy & I talk about the situation with the DIA, the property held in the commons, and the scourge of the Emergency Manager … This is about 30 minutes long and is a standalone interview.

Amy Kerr Hardin – Emergency Managers have their own ‘sacred cows’


Today we talk to Amy Kerr Hardin about a few things, from EMs to schools to the cognitive dissonance of the voters. This episode came in at just over an hour long. The conversation with Amy is about half of the episode. It was one of the most fun conversations I’ve had in a long […]

Bert Johnson: The people of Detroit will fight back

Senator Bert Johnson on the Senate floor November 1, 2011.

Today we are talking to Senator Bert Johnson about two topics: minimum wage, and the situation in Detroit with Snyder and EM Kevyn Orr. Here’s the podcast: We talk about: Minimum wage efforts gotten attention of people all across country Occupy + attack on workers +++ has created a different plateau on which to stand […]

Kevyn Orr: I can cut somebody’s throat and leave them to bleed …


If I haven’t told you lately that Detroit EM Kevyn Orr is a bully, that’s my bad. I knew he was going to be a bully when he took the job, stood up in front of everyone and said, “Don’t make me go to bankruptcy court. You won’t enjoy it.” Who starts out that way? […]

Snyder’s merit pay idea fails the test


Adding to an already impressive list of legislative “solutions” that don’t actually solve any problems, Rick Snyder and the Michigan legislature have decided to consider “merit pay” for public educators. Like many of their previous legislative priorities – corporate tax cuts, charter schools , right to work – Republicans seem more interested in placating their […]