Republicans are dying for jobs


The response was predictable. As soon as word got out that President Obama would be making a speech about reducing carbon pollution Republicans flipped back through their folder of poll-tested, pre-election talking points to “W” for “War on Coal.” Update a few numbers and there you have it – President Obama is slowing ruining America […]

Walt Sorg on GOP destruction of environmental protections and Michigan’s natural resources

walt sorg

Walt Sorg joins us to discuss the way that the Republicans in Lansing are gutting the bejoobers out of our environmental protections. It’s scary and heart-breaking. We talk about the content in Walt’s recent article in the Lansing City Pulse – The pendulum has swung Today we talk about The history of environmental protections in […]

Thinking about hunting wolves in Michigan? Not so fast.

In the briefing yesterday we linked to info on one of Snyder’s 260+ lame duck oh-my-god-get-the-pepper-spray-I-gotta-get-this-through-right-now bills. This one established wolves as game animals in Michigan: This law doesn’t establish a hunting season for wolves; it does establish that wolves are a game animal, which means that the Natural Resources Commission can establish a hunting […]

Snyder to speak on energy and environment today


MLive has an article outlining five themes to look for in Snyder’s energy & environment speech today. The Great Lakes, renewable energy standard, energy efficiency, fracking, and customer choice, are predicted to be addressed in the speech. The speech will take place at MSU at 10:30 this morning. You can watch it live at

Cut the crud. We know renewable energy works for Michigan.

Last night my son scrambled over to me all wide eyed and urgent “Dad! DAD!! The TV had a commercial that was saying bad things about Proposal 3!!!!” (Proposal 3, for those who aren’t aware, is the ballot initiative to increase Michigan’s use of renewable energy – Wind, Solar, and Biomass – to 25% by […]

What You Need to Know about 25×25 (Proposal 3)


The single most important thing to know about the 25×25 ballot proposal (Proposal 3), is that it will create jobs in Michigan. It will create jobs. Objectively. A Michigan State University study shows the ballot initiative will create tens of thousands of jobs in Michigan and bring in $10.3 billion in investment into our state. […]

West Michigan Fruit Production Devastated by Bizarre Weather


In November 2009 I wrote a diary titled the Fragile Climate of Fruit Growing Perfection. In in I talked about West Michigan’s ideal microclimate for fruit production and how fragile those perfect conditions are. Well…this year we’re seeing a catastrophic collapse in West Michigan’s fruit production due to weeks of record breaking high temperatures in […]

Labor & environmental leaders unite to fight efforts to weaken environmental protections

Last week in Lansing, Michigan, leaders from labor and environmental groups around the country gathered to show a united front in their opposition to efforts by Republicans in Congress to weaken environmental protections. As John Walke at the National Resources Defense Council wrote about last fall, the drumbeats are incessant: The week of October 2nd, […]

Tomorrow: Join our live-chat of Gov. Snyder’s State of the State

This blog was cross-posted at PM BuzzFeed. Tomorrow Gov. Snyder will deliver his second State of the State speech, and we’ll hear a lot about what a great job he thinks his administration is doing. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, let’s look at a quick recap of 2011: At last year’s State of […]

Michigan is 10th nationally in mercury emissions, has 3 of the 100 dirtiest coal-fired power plants

A new report out today from Environment Michigan titled “Michigan’s Biggest Mercury Polluters” (pdf) shows that Michigan is tenth in the country for mercury emissions and has three of the top 100 most-polluting coal-fired power plants. Their report shows that: The Detroit Edison Monroe Power Plant in Monroe emitted the most mercury pollution of any […]

Michigan GOP giddy about new bill allowing residents to waste energy with impunity

Oh, my. This must have Republicans just giggling with giddiness. On a nearly party-line vote, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill that would skirt a federal phaseout of older, less efficient light bulbs and allow Michigan manufacturers to make and sell the old version of bulb in the state. State Rep. Tom McMillin, […]

The People’s News 8/24

Here are today’s top Michi­gan news stories… DETROIT NEWS COLUMN: GOP flunks all efforts at reform — To say the GOP has earned an “F” thus far is an understatement. Now that the Leg­is­la­ture is back, Repub­li­can lead­ers can either con­tinue attack­ing pub­lic edu­ca­tion and the mid­dle class or actu­ally invest in our state and be the lead­ers that the pub­lic thought they elected. GRAND RAPIDS PRESS: Another […]