Lonnie Scott: It all comes back to education


Today we have our old pal Lonnie Scott back with us to discuss education funding. Today we discuss: Why Snyder must have known about Skunk Works The student as a product Education as a one-time transfer of skills The hypocrisy of Snyder on education The many reasons why education is important for our state Value […]

George Bush/Dick DeVos Charter School Fundraiser Highlights Disturbing Future of Public Schools


George W. Bush and school privatization advocate Dick DeVos teamed up to raise over $400,000 for the West Michigan Aviation Academy this week.  West Michigan Aviation Academy (WMAA) is a public charter high school that already receives more money per pupil from the state than 511 of Michigan’s 826 school districts.  WMAA’s enrollment is expected to be around 400 students next year.  If you figure […]

Bert Johnson – Do we have a legitimate State government?


State Senator Bert Johnson joins us today to discuss Detroit, education, and the criminal investigation into the EAA Today we discuss: Kevyn Orr: Detroit is worse off than we thought (this is what we started with) Snyder is the EM of Detroit EAA federal funds fraud Does Michigan have a legitimate state government Is the […]

Dan Kildee on Buena Vista – the simplest solution is the right solution

Dan Kildee for Congress

In this shotcast we have a brief conversation with Congressman Kildee on the situation in Buena Vista School District. We discuss: The simplest solution is the right solution Skills camp is not acceptable The State has a legal constitutional requirement to provide this education to the student; anything less is a moral and legal abdication […]