Thursday briefing and open thread

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Happy Thursday. There are some interesting and alarming bills going through the legislature in Lansing right now. I am hoping to get some time to explore them today but if I don’t then I’ll put them in the briefing tomorrow. If you’d like to look at them now just check out some of the latest […]

Snyder to speak on energy and environment today


MLive has an article outlining five themes to look for in Snyder’s energy & environment speech today. The Great Lakes, renewable energy standard, energy efficiency, fracking, and customer choice, are predicted to be addressed in the speech. The speech will take place at MSU at 10:30 this morning. You can watch it live at

Wednesday briefing and open thread

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Hello hello, happy humpday, I hope your week is going well. I have scheduled a google hangout for the MI Progressive Bloggers caucus-wannabe for tomorrow night at 8pm. Let me know if you would like an invite to the hangout. And now for the good stuff: From DK – Reid moving forward with filibuster reforms […]

Tuesday briefing and open thread

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Happy week after Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you had a great holiday weekend. I enjoyed unplugging and just chilling out with the family. Since it’s been a week since the last briefing, this will be a regular briefing + a link dump. Lots of good stuff out there to look at. A long article but […]

Happy Communist Thanksgiving from the Mackinac Center

11-21-2012 10-55-32 AM

Why Michigan newspapers continue to reference the Mackinac Center as a think tank rather than a willing partner in the right wing echo chamber has always been a mystery. Evidence abounds. Take for instance, its recent reposting of President Emeritus Larry Reed’s Thanksgiving piece, which tells us that the original Thanksgiving took place only after […]

Did Anonymous prevent the Republicans from stealing this election too?

There’s tons of evidence showing that the Republicans like to steal elections at all levels, but let’s just focus on the Presidential. Hacktivist group Anonymous publicly issued a message to Karl Rove right before the election, warning him to avoid any shenanigans. After the election Anonymous issued a press release announcing that they had set […]

Time to do away with gerrymandering and leave redistricting to a nonpartisan commission

Original Gerrymander Cartoon 1812

Not only did the Nov. 6 election give President Obama a mandate for the continuation of his economic policies, but once again more people cast votes for Democrats in Michigan, but both the Michigan and U.S. House remain in Republican control. In a post analysis of the election, longtime political pundit Bill Ballenger noted the gerrymandering […]

Monday briefing and open thread

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Light blogging week last week. Things happen, I was tired. You know how it goes. I’m on with Tony at 8:35am this morning to talk about the GOP efforts to push the Right to Work for Less law in Michigan. 1310am or live stream at Here’s my post on the topic. Call in if […]

Thoughts on the EFM law

Bill Rogers has labeled local governments as “irresponsible” one too many times. Sorry Bill, no matter what the “spinmeisters” have told you, it’s not the locals fault. (Press and Argus, 11/09/12) The EFM Law is a direct means to deflect responsibility for local unit financial distress from the source of the problem, the state legislature. […]

Wednesday briefing and open thread

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Happy Wednesday everyone. I’ve just updated the site software, so if you see anything buggy please let me know. Lots of links today. FBI joins probe after Michigan church serving as poll spray-painted with anti-black graffiti MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. -The FBI has joined an investigation after a suburban Detroit church that served as an Election […]

Hoogendyk and the righties push for right to work for less

Crazy Jack has a post up on Gillman’s blog, encouraging Lansing to take up RtWfL. Jack has several reasons spelled out as to why Lansing should pursue “the legislation that has already been written.” Among the reasons are this June 2010 “pledge” by Snyder: Jase Bolger also supported right to work for less: LANSING — […]

My dad in Vietnam


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