Planting Trees at the Center of the Universe

  by: wizardkitten Fri Dec 31, 2010 at 14:11:58 PM EST I've been trying to write up a good send-off for the Governor, and found that it's hard to sum up in words the eight years we just experienced. Items pulled out of context can't portray the enormous changes we have seen – so I decided […]

WKAR Video: An Evening with Governor Granholm

The Skooby Interview. It's the one I've been waiting for: Watch the full episode. See more WKAR Specials.   One of the better interviews, simply because Skubick has been so close to the action during this time. He knows the deeper questions that take Governor Granholm out of her standard talking points, ones that she […]

Maybe We Should Elect the Lobbyists

How would that work? Perhaps with the "partisan" and "non-partisan" sections on the ballot, we could add a "corporate" section as well. List what companies or organizations are involved in hiring lobbying firms, list their main issue, and we could base the number of lobbyists they could have on the number of votes cast. Or […]

And In The End…

Governor Granholm is hours away from freedom. LANSING – Just before noon today, a jeans-clad Gov. Jennifer Granholm took her scrapbook in arm, said final goodbyes, and walked out of her Lansing executive office. For the last time. Granholm turned over the keys to Gov.-elect Rick Snyder's staff, who will begin his move-in this weekend. […]

Give It Back For Jobs

It has been shown that tax cuts for the wealthy are the least effective form of stimulus available because the already rich tend to simply sock that money away in the bank instead of increasing investments that are needed to create jobs and help the economy. Three professors have decided to remedy that little problem, […]

The Tectonic Shift in the Michigan Economy 2000 – 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words. You've heard all this before; seeing it visually helps you understand it better. The Senate Fiscal Agency released their latest report on Michigan's Economic Outlook and Budget Review on Dec. 21st, and in it, they lay out exactly what has happened to Michigan's economy in the past 10 […]

Want a Small Car Yet? You Will Soon

USA Today, 12/9/2010. Yes, this report was under three weeks ago. Shows you how quickly things can change. Automakers are offering more conventional cars that cross the 40-miles-per-gallon threshold in highway driving, but relatively low gas prices continue to hold off buyers. In past years, few models were able to get a 40-mpg rating without […]

Traditional Media, Meet the Trolls

I have to chuckle when I see stories like this. And I see them all the time nowadays, from all over the country, as the traditional media, some of whom used to bash blogs for being moderated, discovers that opening up your site to anonymous comments ain't all it was cracked up to be. The […]

Michigan Ranks 7th Nationwide in Online Transparency of Taxpayer-backed Business Incentives

The way that Nancy Cassis was running around with her hair on fire screaming about "transparency" all the time, you would think the state's economic development team was involved in some massive cover-up of epic proportions, lighting cigars with $100 bills as they boarded the taxpayer-funded yachts or something. No, it was just Nancy being […]

Michigan Goes Shopping

There is a certain bit of cognitive dissonance that sets in when you have stories about high unemployment and the great need that exists in our state, and then you see a story such as this that shows a major jump in consumer spending… it hurts your head. And again, I don't really want to […]

US Clean Energy Manufacturing Vulnerable to Rare Earth Shortages

Since I started down this road here and here, it's only right that I bring you the latest on the rare earth story. As a brief recap, basically the Chinese have cornered the market on these minerals, they are playing games with export taxes and quasi-embargoes by slowing shipments to the rest of the world's […]

Let the Trickling Begin: Tax Bill Passes Congress

Supply-side Santa visited last night and stuffed the stockings of the rich with wads of cash. The first line in the NY Times story sums it up pretty well: Congress at midnight Thursday approved an $801 billion package of tax cuts and $57 billion for extended unemployment insurance. To start off, this is very good […]