The People’s News 9/27/2011

Here are today’s top Michi­gan news stories… LSJ: State pol­icy rec­om­mends ties for guys, despite Gov. Rick Snyder’s casual style — After months of the gov­er­nor show­ing up at events in a sports coat sans tie, a new direc­tive has gone out to thou­sands of state employ­ees say­ing ties for men are pre­ferred when rep­re­sent­ing the state on […]

The People’s News 9/26/11

Here are the top Michigan news stories… FREE PRESS Editorial: Unions, Michigan have no time for a right-to-work brawl – But the possibility that Republicans have the votes needed to adopt a right-to-work law doesn’t mean it would be wise — or politically profitable, by even the most cynical calculus — to do so. It is hard […]

The People’s News 8/24

Here are today’s top Michi­gan news stories… DETROIT NEWS COLUMN: GOP flunks all efforts at reform — To say the GOP has earned an “F” thus far is an understatement. Now that the Leg­is­la­ture is back, Repub­li­can lead­ers can either con­tinue attack­ing pub­lic edu­ca­tion and the mid­dle class or actu­ally invest in our state and be the lead­ers that the pub­lic thought they elected. GRAND RAPIDS PRESS: Another […]

The People’s News 8/23

Here are today’s top Michi­gan news stories… MPRN: CMU fac­ulty ordered back to work — The judge issued the tem­po­rary restrain­ing order against the CMU Fac­ulty Asso­ci­a­tion less than 24 hours after tenured and tenure-track pro­fes­sors walked off the job… In a writ­ten state­ment, Fac­ulty Asso­ci­a­tion Pres­i­dent Laura Frey says pro­fes­sors will fol­low the order, and return to work tomor­row morning. MLIVE COLUMN: Mem­bers […]

The People’s News 8/11/11

Here are today’s top Michi­gan news stories…   FREE PRESS COLUMN: From Lans­ing to D.C., the mid­dle is being mar­gin­al­ized — And although Sny­der has so far secured all his leg­isla­tive objec­tives with­out Demo­c­ra­tic help, that is largely because Repub­li­cans enjoy deci­sive majori­ties in both houses. Noth­ing about Michigan’s prag­matic gov­er­nor sug­gests that he would resist nego­ti­at­ing with Democ­rats if […]

The People’s News 8/4/11

Here are today's top stories –   AP: Poll: Many local government leaders say Michigan is on the wrong track – After seeing lawmakers cut their funding and give financial managers sweeping new powers, half of local government leaders say they think Michigan is on the wrong track while a third saying it's headed in […]

The People’s News 8/2/11

Here are today’s top news stories…   LSJ: Michi­gan wel­fare recip­i­ents brac­ing for four-year cap on ben­e­fits — But as state law­mak­ers near approv­ing a law to limit the ben­e­fit to four years, the Lans­ing sin­gle mother won­ders how she’ll pay the bills with­out the aid as she cares for her 13-year-old son and 22-year-old severely autis­tic son… […]

The People’s News 8/1/11

Here are the top news stories…   AP: Bud­get Direc­tor Ques­tions School Aid — “It’s not that I’m say­ing we need to cut the school aid fund … (but) a lot of this stuff was put in place 15, 20 years ago when Michi­gan looked totally dif­fer­ent,” he said dur­ing a recent inter­view with The Asso­ci­ated Press. “We […]

The People’s News 7/29/11

Here are today's top stories –  FLINT JOURNAL: Group gathers to rally against emergency financial manager law – The group Stand Up For Democracy gathered panelists at a church on Thursday to speak against the state's emergency financial manager law in a townhall meeting. About 80 people gathered at Woodside Church on East Court Street […]

The People’s News 7/26/2011

Here are today's top stories –   Here are today's top news stories…   WILX (with video): State Workers Rally Outside Governor's Office in Detroit – About one thousand state workers from five different unions took to the sidewalk outside Governor Snyder's Detroit office Monday afternoon, hoping to get their point across. "Instead of taking more […]

The People’s News 7/22/11

Here are today's top news stories… GRAND RAPIDS PRESS: State of Change: How Michigan's business tax revenue will fall and income tax revenue will rise Down and up: How state revenue from business taxes will fall and income tax revenue will rise under this year's tax changes. DETROIT FREE PRESS: Some say tuition hikes at […]

Local citizens take action to hold Jeff Farrington accountable for cuts to education, taxes on seniors

Local workers and citizens went door-to-door today in Sterling Heights to tell their neighbors about Rep. Jeff Farrington’s (R-Harrison Twp) dangerous votes to cut $500 million from local K-12 schools and raise taxes on seniors’ pensions by over $330 million. The group also released this video highlighting Farrington’s votes: “Jeff Farrington needs to get his […]