Occupy Flint is winterizing. Your help is requested.

OCCUPY FLINT NEEDS YOUR HELP! We are from the Command Center of Occupy Flint, Second and MLKing Downtown Flint West of the Durant Hotel. In order to design, build operate a more sustainable long term demonstration support facility which uses maximum efficiency of our resources, including investments and donations… we need some things of a […]




Red Aunt Events and Genesee County Officals should look into these allegations. BREAKING NEWS – SEVERAL SAY A MICHIGAN WARRIOR DASH 07/30/11 RACE OFFICAL WAS TELLING THE RUNNERS TO DIVE INTO THE MUD PIT. http://goodmorningflint.blogspot.com/2011/08/several-say-mc-encouraged-runners-to.html THE INJURY AT THE WARRIOR DASH, GENESEE/FLINT MI 07/30/11, WAS NOT THE RUNNERS FAULT, AND OFFICAL WAS TELLING PEOPLE TO […]

Deb Cherry talks about her first three weeks on the job.

DEB CHERRY GENESEE COUNTY TREASURE TALKS ABOUT HER FIRST THREE WEEKS ON THE JOB. See http://pix.abc12.com/MediaItem… Genesee County Treasurer Deb Cherry speaking a the Democratic Party Club 225 Luch at Wallis Center Rd. In Burton at noon. Several videos were live streamed on ustream acct terrybankert and saved to Youtube acct TRBANKERT. http://www.youtube.com/my_vide… County Treasure […]

Its time for a change…

The Units of the Michgian Democratic Party, the Congressional District Democratic Committees and the County Democratic Party’s need new life and change in leadership. It is in the interest of organized labor to put firebrands at or near the top who may or may not posses an individual union card. Stand together and fight or […]

Google invited to Flint

LET GOOGLE KNOW YOU WANT THEM TO SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY IN FLINT MI! http://flintareabroadband.net/ The story from the Flint Area Convention and Tourist Bureau. Changing perceptions of Flint. 3/16/10 ” GOING TO GREAT LENGTHS FOR GOOGLE! A press conference was held 8:30 A.M. TODAY , I attended and took the followingin the “Genesee Regional Chamber […]

Dayne Walling

Terry Bankert and Lynn Sorenson Bankert support Dayne Walling for Mayor of Flint.

Genesee County Inaugural Celebration you are invited

fyi if you are looking for something to do on the 20th. Tuesday, January 20, Progressive Caucus Inaugural Celebration, you are invited to view the Washington, DC celebration on a big screen and share in other festivities, food and drink (BYOB). at 6:30 PM at the Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Union Lo. 370, G-5500 W. […]

Divorce and our economy

Divorce is expensive financially and emotionally. Our national economy has had some affect on the number of divorces filing. Possibly it affects the rate of voluntary dismissal of cases filed. Most dramatic is that lost equity in investment to include the family home combined with loss of jobs leaves the separating couple with little assets […]

Obama talks substance in Flint, hey McCain where’s the BEEF.

* * * * * REFLECTIONS: The next President of the United States appeared in Flint MI USA 9/08/08.The next Democratic administration is committed to re-industrialization of American and specifically re-birth of the automobile industry.What Obama demonstrated is ability to advocate positive policies for change. But he cannot help us if he does not win. […]

Its a great day to be an American, and a Democrat.

GOOD MORNING FLINT, 8/29/08 , Terry Bankert , http://attorneybankert.com/ FLINT MI USA, 1000 Beach St.,48503 1-810-235-1970 [trb] ************************************************************* What a great speech, orator and leader. The real battle now starts. What can we do to help our country by electing Barrack Obama President of the United States? Count me in! What about You? It is […]

Bravo to Gore….

SOLVE THE ENERGY CRISIS OR DIE, ALBERT GORES THEME ___ Good Morning Flint! 07/17/08 by Terry Bankert http://goodmorningflint.blogsp… Chat at: http://flinttalk.com/viewtopic… ___ ***** With crisis , (energy, food, economic stability),and change swirling around us, how do we sort out the serious alternatives from the poorly thought out or presented crap we are fed daily by […]