Not Quite ‘Tinfoil Hat Society’

I’m sitting here tonight reading some very old postings I wrote a few years ago. My views and thoughts have not changed, particularly in this election year. My life is quiet, because I prefer it to be that way. However, I am scared. Fear. It’s a visceral word. It immediately evokes a response. The reaction […]

Living in an “Occupy”d World

I know there have been articles on here about the Occupy movement sweeping the country.   I don’t know how anyone could refute the immensity of this phenomena, regardless the side they are on.   This is the definitely the hot new buzz word. However, a friend of mine and I were talking today and […]

Attention People in the Grand Rapids Area!!

this is a message i got on facebook, and i am sharing it here to get the word out………  Know anyone need of food in Grand Rapids? American Legion Post 459 (located at Michigan and Grand) will have truckloads of food to distribute on Friday, July 29 starting at 6 pm. The food is donated […]

Taxes and Public Sector

There's a diary which has been very active in the comment section today. One of the comments, I'm going to quote here….. and give my response. Taxes DO take money from the economy.  That is EXACTLY what taxes are.   The private sector is the wealth creating part of the economy, not the government.  Taxes […]

Winter Wonderland

Snow is something I look forward to all year. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy my gardens and find planting them very soothing in the spring. Tending them during the summer, and reaping the rewards of vegetables in the fall is also gratifying. A cheerful row of pansies or a lush trellis of morning […]

Give It Back For Jobs

It has been shown that tax cuts for the wealthy are the least effective form of stimulus available because the already rich tend to simply sock that money away in the bank instead of increasing investments that are needed to create jobs and help the economy. Three professors have decided to remedy that little problem, starting a website that […]

Small Towns Valued

When I was much younger than I am today, John Cougar Mellencamp sang a song I didn't understand.  The words I understood, but I never quite got the underlying meaning of them.  However, now when I hear it, not only do I comprehend but I also treasure it for the anthem it truly is.  For […]

where we are, where we’ve been….

My perspective on the realities are different from those much more politically minded than myself.  As I've said before, I live a fairly quiet, low-key life.  I like it that way.  It makes sense for me. That said, I still need to abide by the decisions made by those elected to make them.  Do I […]

A Frightening Realization

It's finally come.  The highly debated, much anticipated (or dreaded, depending on whom you are) first snow of the season.  With great joy, I surveyed the deck yesterday and admired the gentle dusting of beautiful shimmering crystals of frozen water.   This is Michigan; this statement shouldn't surprise the readers of this diary.  Michigan means, […]

Remember When….

What is it about a song? Melody, lyrics, and memories seem to go hand in hand through life.  The sound of the words, sung in a voice from the past, evokes a much stronger memory (for me) than a photograph ever could.  It simply takes me back to a spot in time I most likely […]

Ending of an Era, A Sad Realization

I suppose one might say I've been living under a rock.  Upon reflection, I can even agree with the accusation.  In my defense, however, …. no, actually, there is no defending it.  I have no real reason, beyond being caught up in the smaller realities occurring within the scope of my own world.  Until today. […]


(Blogs give voice to the voiceless. If only we could force those in power to listen.   – promoted by Kathy) I am not a political person, but I vote.  It strikes me as sadly amusing how many politically minded individuals start campaigning for their prospective offices years before the actual election begins.  Why is […]