War on Women


The following post is by Jessica Tramontana, Communications Director at Progress Michigan. It is cross-posted at Progress Michigan. The Republicans in the state of Michigan have openly declared war on middle class families, the poor, seniors and students. So it should come as no surprise that they’ve expanded their attacks to women. A massive 60-page […]

Tell Pete Hoekstra to Get Real


We’ve written about Pete Hoekstra’s record of hypocrisy before, and now he’s at it again. After agreeing to appear at Herman Cain’s Washington, D.C. rally and becoming the first Senate candidate to endorse his 9-9-9 plan, Pete Hoekstra called the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act a “nuisance,” and added “it shouldn’t be law.” Pete Hoekstra […]

Corporate Backers quit ALEC, Lansing politicians should follow suit

We’ve written about the controversial American Legislative Exchange Council several times before, but in recent weeks their organization has faced renewed scrutiny. This is in part thanks to revelations that they have worked diligently (and secretly) to pass “Kill-At-Will” laws like Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law that let Trayvon Martin’s killer go free, union-busting laws […]

Occupy the Summit

Energizing, Engaging, and Winning. As progressives, that’s our agenda for 2012 – and it’s the theme for The Michigan Summit on May 12. The Michigan Summit has attracted many influential national speakers and panelists. Last year we heard from SEIU President Mary Kay Henry, and in 2010 we heard from Van Jones, former advisor to […]

Trees are the right height here


Trees are the right height here. I love the lakes. I love cars. That’s how Mitt Romney is trying to smooth over that other thing he said about Michigan and our rebounding auto industry: “Let Detroit go bankrupt.” In fact, tomorrow Mitt Romney will be holding an event at Ford Field saying the very same […]

Let Romney Go Bankrupt!

Reckless, detached from reality, dishonest. That’s what the CEO of AutoNation, Inc., the largest auto-dealer group in the U.S., said about Mitt Romney’s dangerous opposition to the auto rescue that was famously headlined  “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” And he’s right: If Romney had had his way, GM wouldn’t be posting its highest profit ever and […]

Pandering Pete Hoekstra


In response to a wave of negative reactions to his $75,000 Super Bowl ad buy (filmed in California), Pete Hoekstra has tried to deflect criticism by accusing Democrats of “talk(ing) about race when they can’t defend their records…” Unfortunately for Pete, the ad has been panned by figures on all sides of the political spectrum, […]

Lies Wrapped in a Pink Ribbon


Cross-posted at Progress Michigan. Millions of women battling breast cancer have counted on the pink ribbon as a symbol of hope, solidarity and strength. Now even that has been taken away, thanks to right-wing leaders who think they have more rights to control our bodies than we do. I’ve been a conflicted supporter of Susan […]

Tomorrow: Join our live-chat of Gov. Snyder’s State of the State

This blog was cross-posted at PM BuzzFeed. Tomorrow Gov. Snyder will deliver his second State of the State speech, and we’ll hear a lot about what a great job he thinks his administration is doing. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, let’s look at a quick recap of 2011: At last year’s State of […]

The “hooker thing”: Get over it?

Cross-posted at PM BuzzFeed. By Dawn Kettinger There is a problem with sexism in Lansing, but it goes far beyond the fact that too many legislators make sexist comments and create a Capitol culture that’s disrespectful toward women. This is the pattern we’ve seen since Republicans took control last year. The overwhelmingly male Legislature – […]

Republicans are trying to raise your taxes

Republicans in Congress are at it again. For the fifth time in two months Congressional Republicans blocked Democratic efforts to extend the payroll tax cut for 160 million working Americans and small business owners. Why? Because it asks the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share by including a tiny surtax on income – excluding […]

Calling out the Supercommittee

Cross-posted at Progress Michigan. Double-digit unemployment. Dramatically increasing income inequality. Politicians owned by millionaires and lobbyists. As sure as the sun rises, every day brings news that the richest few are getting even richer, and big banks and corporations get away with abusing the rules because the politicians they fund let them write the rules. […]