If not EFMs, then what?


My friend Chris Savage at Eclectablog has been making a compelling case against Governor Rick Snyder’s Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) law, Public Act 4 of 2011, which allows Snyder to install dictators in Michigan cities to nullify contracts, fire elected officials, reverse agreements with unions, sell off or privatize community assets and otherwise kill representative […]

“Pure Michigan” takes on new meaning with benefits ban

Courtesy Lester Graham/Michigan Radio

Governor Rick Snyder and state lawmakers are about to give people another reason to dislike the State of Michigan. Weeks ago, Republican legislators approved legislation to block public employers from offering taxpayer-paid health insurance to unmarried partners living with some public employees. (The ban would apply to public schools, local governments and some state employees.) […]

I’m pledging to delete 31 state senators from my Christmas card list


Politicians want to force Michigan’s schoolkids to recite the Pledge of Allegiance each morning. The bill passed by the Michigan Senate yesterday also requires that a flag be displayed in each K-12 public school classroom in the state – although no funding to buy the flags is provided, of course. It was sponsored by Roger […]

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Ambassador Bridge

Seems like I can’t turn on the TV these days without being exposed to Matty Moroun’s disgusting, misleading, offensive commercials. I wrote back in June, in “Matty Moroun’s Miserable Machinations,” about the Grosse Pointe billionaire and his family spending more than $1.5 million to lobby lawmakers and ensure that the Ambassador Bridge, which they own, […]

Rick Snyder makes Dick Cheney look compassionate

Lonely Child

Why isn’t anyone else seeing Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s latest move – limiting the amount of cash poor people can receive from the state to four years – for what it is: an attempt to recapture revenue lost when he cut taxes for his business buddies earlier this year? The same politician who decided back […]

So Snyder’s sinking…


Polls are funny. I remember the weekend before Michigan’s gubernatorial election back in 1990.  My boss, Jim Blanchard, the incumbent, was 20 points ahead of his challenger, John Engler, the frumpy, dumpy right wing Senate Majority Leader. I woke up the following Wednesday morning in a hotel in Detroit to a hangover and the jarring […]

Snyder squeezes state employees


I’ve been paying so much attention to the shenanigans in Washington that I missed the latest crap news about Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. Michigan Messenger’s Todd Heywood and others pointed out last month that Snyder is willing to fire state workers if he doesn’t get $145 million in concessions from state employee unions. State employee […]