Cut the crud. We know renewable energy works for Michigan.

Last night my son scrambled over to me all wide eyed and urgent “Dad! DAD!! The TV had a commercial that was saying bad things about Proposal 3!!!!” (Proposal 3, for those who aren’t aware, is the ballot initiative to increase Michigan’s use of renewable energy – Wind, Solar, and Biomass – to 25% by […]

What You Need to Know about 25×25 (Proposal 3)


The single most important thing to know about the 25×25 ballot proposal (Proposal 3), is that it will create jobs in Michigan. It will create jobs. Objectively. A Michigan State University study shows the ballot initiative will create tens of thousands of jobs in Michigan and bring in $10.3 billion in investment into our state. […]

Republicans are Advised to Support the New Green to Gold Renewable Energy Tech Initiative

**cough** I’d advise our Republican reps to take the new Green to Gold bill seriously, considering a solid majority of Americans of all political stripe support the renewable energy transition. The new bill (Bill 5599) introduced by Rep. Charles Brunner – D of Bay City is a loan program (LOAN program) for providing incentives and […]

Electric Barriers Holding Back the Asian Carp Had a Power Outage

And this is why an electric barrier is no match for a brick wall. If you’re like me, this headline made your heart sink as a similar headline did mine. I mean, who could have predicted this: This week a power outage shut down electric barriers that are the one thing keeping the invasive asian […]

Michigan’s New Tax Policy a “Leap of Faith”


“Our goal is to create a stronger economic environment,” [Dave Hildenbrand, R-Lowell] said. “Sometimes in tax reform you have to take a leap of faith that we’re all going to benefit. We’re trying to create a better environment so that we can compete.” Leap of Faith. Yes. Republican senator Dave Hildebrand just referred to a […]

West Michigan Fruit Production Devastated by Bizarre Weather


In November 2009 I wrote a diary titled the Fragile Climate of Fruit Growing Perfection. In in I talked about West Michigan’s ideal microclimate for fruit production and how fragile those perfect conditions are. Well…this year we’re seeing a catastrophic collapse in West Michigan’s fruit production due to weeks of record breaking high temperatures in […]

Monday briefing and open thread

Today is Monday. The word Monday comes to us from the Middle English “Monenday”, from the Old English verb “To Moan”. So named for the moaning sounds coming from the townsfolk every Monenday as they go back to their 18 hour a day jobs on the feudal farms and pine for Friday. Friday coming from […]

FRIDAY briefing and open thread

Happy Friday the 13th! I have a feeling this is going to be the Best Friday the 13th Ever wherein Muskegon Critic learns the True Meaning of Friday the 13th after saving Friday the 13th and is filled with the Friday the 13th spirit. So…what’s happening in this great state of ours today? George Heartwell, […]

Tuesday briefing and open thread

Happy Tuesday. Today I am hyper-aware of all the chocolate in our house from my kids’ Easter baskets. I may have to steal one. Or two. Here’s some Michigan pride music to start your morning, from musicians in my home town….Michigan Girl by Ruth and Max Bloomquist. The vid’s gone viral with over 200,000 views. […]

Monday briefing and open thread

Heya Folks. I’m filling in for Christine today for the briefing and open thread. So if it seems like I’m a child shuffling around in adult shoes, that’s why. Shuffle shuffle shuffle…. Michigan is Joining Ohio to get Lake Erie’s algae problem under control. As it turns out tourists don’t like the smell of rotting […]

Strategically Placed Comma sends Michigan’s Business, Tax Climate Soaring!


Pop English quiz. Who can tell me the difference between these two headlines? “Michigan business, tax climate soars in Tax Foundation ratings, Snyder says” and “Michigan business tax climate soars in Tax Foundation ratings, Snyder says” Give up? It was the comma. The comma is what makes the Detroit Free Press headline remotely accurate. Because […]

The Fate of the Badger isn’t a Story of Government Intrusion. It’s a Story of Greed.

Ludington’s SS Badger is either a historical West Michgian landmark, or it’s a for profit business. You’ll either do anything to keep it going, or there’s a cost/benefit analysis that trumps its existence. The SS Badger is a car ferry that travels between Ludington, Michigan and Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It takes about four hours to get […]