Come to the Justice Caucus’ “Supreme Challenge” this Saturday


I’ve written about this year’s Michigan Supreme Court [MSC] race before, and will again. Everybody reading this should already know how important the MSC is, and how it does not get nearly enough attention by most voters. If you are coming to the MDP Convention this weekend, please come to the Justice Caucus’ program to […]

Gov. Snyder Bucks GOP Voter Suppression Drive, Vetoes Three Bills

Freep: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed 11 election-related bills, most of them positive, though narrow, but made news by vetoing three of the most controversial bills that would have taken Michigan along the path towards voter suppression that other GOP-led states are traveling. In doing so, he has enraged part of his base, and […]

Becoming a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention

While we are on the subject of internal MDP stuff (Chris’s article below on this Saturday’s Presidential Caucuses), let me remind us all that the deadline is fast approaching to file to be a candidate for National Delegate. An individual can qualify as a candidate for district-level delegate or alternate to the 2012 Democratic National […]

Meet Mike O’Brien


If you are anywhere near Southwest Michigan this Saturday, come join us for the O’Brien for Congress Announcement Tour. Mike O’Brien is our Democratic candidate to take on Fred Upton in the Sixth District this fall — or, if fate and the Republican primary voters decree, Jack Hoogendyk. Mike O’Brien of Douglas, Michigan, will announce […]

Taking Back the Michigan Supreme Court


We’ve just had another demonstration of what having a Republican-controlled Supreme Court is like. “The Michigan Supreme Court – in a decision that breaks along party-lines – has upheld a state law that will let Republicans on the Oakland County Commission redraw their district lines. The Supreme Court says the law complies with the state […]

Contact your State Sen: Oppose Yard Waste in Landfills

Call or email your State Senator and ask them to oppose House Bills 4265 and 4266. For the last 17 years in Michigan, there has been a ban on dumping yard waste in landfills — a good thing, preserving space in landfills, and promoting the composting and recycling of yard clippings as soil amendments. Two […]

Announcing the Corporate Accountability Amendment

We’ve been living with the Citizen’s United decision for two years now, and the results have been every bit as bad as I imagined on that Thursday in January, 2010, when I first heard it on the radio. Untraceable corporate money has swollen the new ‘Super-PACs’, and we are left to wonder who is trying […]

Come to the MDP Endorsing Convention this Saturday


The Endorsing Convention debuted in 2010, with the realization that our state-wide candidates (those nominated by the Convention) suffered in fundraising and getting such a late start on their campaigns by waiting until the Fall Nominating Convention. For 2010, we started with endorsing Attorney General and Secretary of State (as well as the four Education […]


Sorry, couldn’t resist. (For you kids, that’s a reference to an ancient scandal from the 20th Century) Saul Anuzis tries to put the controversy to bed: Statement by Saul Anuzis: At the February 4th State Committee meeting held in Lansing, the Credentials Committee unanimously passed the procedures for allocating Michigan’s delegates to the National Convention […]

Michigan Republican Party Can’t Follow its Own Rules

The two at-large delegates awarded Tuesday in the Michigan Republican Presidential Primary were supposed to be split proportionately by Party rules, that is (given the results), one for Romney and one for Santorum. Given that each candidate also won seven Congressional Districts, that made the overall split 15 to 15 — a tie in delegate […]

Waltz Drops Out of Sixth District Race

Given that I am the major source for this Kalamazoo Gazette story, I think I am justified in quoting more of it than I normally would: KALAMAZOO — The 6th District Democratic Party will continue to look for a candidate to run against Congressman Fred Upton in November. “I wouldn’t call it a set back, […]

Time to watch PBS for the next two weeks


According to NYT The Caucus Blog: Pro-Romney Group Buys Almost $500,000 in TV Ads in Michigan … According to someone who tracks Republican media spending, Restore Our Future has committed just over $470,000 for commercials starting Tuesday and set to run through Feb. 20. The post goes on to describe a pro-Romney ad aimed at […]