K-12, Incorporated: Wall Street Monetizes Public Schools

8-22-2013 12-16-59 PM

K12, Inc was founded by William Bennett, the Republican writer and talk-show host, with an infusion of cash from the former junk-bond king Mike Milken. Bennett resigned from K12 In 2005 after making controversial remarks about blacks and abortion that he said were taken out of context. K12’s spread across the U.S. is due in […]

“Democrat” Runs for Lansing City Council

11-12-2012 5-09-27 PM

Ted O’Dell, a former MEA employee, is sending out fundraising letters in his run for Lansing City Council. With that kind of background, you’d think he’d have plenty of lefty support. He’ll get none from me. After Ted left the MEA, he worked to get a Lansing casino approved, and then landed with DFER. Like […]

Michigan Chamber Admits It Lied

Rick Studley takes the high road by lying.

During the Proposal 2 fight, Detroit television station WDIV hosted a debate on its Flashpoint show. The program included this exchange between host Devin Scillian, Michigan Chamber of Commerce President Richard Studley and Executive Director MASA William Mayes:   Scillian: “… It would preempt Right to Work but isn’t that part of the broader campaign? […]

Happy Communist Thanksgiving from the Mackinac Center

11-21-2012 10-55-32 AM

Why Michigan newspapers continue to reference the Mackinac Center as a think tank rather than a willing partner in the right wing echo chamber has always been a mystery. Evidence abounds. Take for instance, its recent reposting of President Emeritus Larry Reed’s Thanksgiving piece, which tells us that the original Thanksgiving took place only after […]

Anti-Prop 2 Ads Generate Too Much Heat for One Station

The recent storm of anti-Proposal 2 ads have generated a strong reaction, both in those opposing them and those running them. Prop 2, you’ll remember, establishes a right to collective bargaining in the Michigan Constitution after 2 years of legislative attacks designed to neuter public sector unions. The ads hammering Proposal 2 are paid for […]

Education Action Group Backs a Flop


Cross-posted from EAGTruth.com Last week, the conservative blame-unions-for-everything mantra was given an apparent boost from a new movie,  Won’t Back Down. It depicts a mother and teacher taking advantage of a parent trigger law to save their children from the clutches of a nasty teacher’s union. Joining in the right’s revelry was EAGNews’ Victor Skinner: […]

Walker Recall Part of an International Communist Plot

Kyle interviews his Hoody source

Kyle Olson, CEO of the Education Action Group, is known for offering school reform advice that always concludes that unions are the problem. Along these lines, he says he’s uncovered an international communist conspiracy, that the unions are a part of, which is running the Scott Walker recall campaign. As reported at EAGTruth, Kyle managed […]

The Koch Brothers Come to Lansing

5-22-2012 10-44-53 AM

On June 2nd, a new player in right wing attack politics, the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity, will host an event at the Lansing Center. The Franklin Center is a front for the Koch brothers-financed Americans for Prosperity, which, in turn, is known for financing the Tea Party movement since its inception. The […]

Why Are Public Schools Under Attack?


  Public employees and the middle class are under attack, but many are unaware that the source of this campaign is carefully coordinated, well financed and has been underway for many years. Who’s behind this?  In 1968, because “conservatives were being killed politically” Joe Coors financed the founding of the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC […]

The Return of EAGTruth.com


Kyle Olson and the Education Action Group parade as a school reform group in order to play the press and spread their anti-union bile.

The Truth About Cyber Schools

With Cyber School expansion on the fast track downtown, let’s take a few minutes to review whether they actually work and why we’re in such a sudden hurry to expand them. The expansion of Cyber Schools is the result of a nationwide lobbying effort, marketed through the State Policy Network (SPN) and its state affiliates […]

Is Union Membership a Right?


A movement to ban union membership in public sector employment nationally, including in Michigan, is gaining some traction. The promoters, including the Mackinac Center, justify this by submitting that joining a union is not a right but a privilege, like driving a car.   The United Nations was founded in the final days of World […]