Effort to recall Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder faces opposition – FROM THE LEFT


With friends like these… The group working to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, Michigan Rising missed a campaign finance report deadline by a few days this month. Though this isn’t entirely uncommon given the unnecessarily complex and cumbersome reporting methods they use, it was still a black eye to a group trying to prove that […]

Michigan Democratic caucuses — THIS SATURDAY, May 5th, 9 a.m. – noon


This Saturday, from 9 a.m. until noon, Michigan Democrats will hold caucuses around the state to choose Barack Obama as the Democratic candidate for president in 2012. While this may seem like a formality, there’s a bit more to it than that so you should plan to attend the caucus in your area on Saturday […]

Cyber schools: A for-profit model designed to destroy our public school system & benefit corporations


Originally published on April 5 and re-published on April 23 to coincide with this event. ~Christine Republicans in Michigan are pushing forward with an effort to remove the cap on so-called “cyber schools” (also known as “virtual schools”) in our state. Already passed in the Senate as Senate Bill 619, it has been reported out […]

Monday briefing and open thread


Hi, folks. Christine’s down with the flu today so I’m filling in for an abbreviated Monday briefing. Hopefully we’ll have her back tomorrow. Today in talk. Tony Trupiano – Live stream Tony from his site (6a-9a) or you can grab the podcasts here. I will be filling in for Christine on First Shift, as well […]

Michigan Corporate Accountability Amendment effort postpones until 2014

Earlier this month, I wrote about an effort being spearheaded by Jocelyn Benson to put a constitutional amendment up for vote in November called the Corporate Accountability Amendment. The amendment would bring a level of transparency to our state’s elections that is sorely needed: Michigan has some of the weakest lobbying and ethics laws in […]

Dexter tornado leaves a path of devastation but no serious injuries or deaths (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


NOTE: Three interactive panoramic images of the affected area along with many still photos by my wife Anne C. Savage can be found HERE. An additional exclusive pano is at Eclectablog.com. Anne’s work is top-notch and should not be missed. NOTE 2: If you want to donate to relief efforts, AnnArbor.com has a good piece […]

Mich Sen. Hune decries Dem effort to provide all students with college education as raising taxes on “my people” (businesses)

Earlier this month Michigan Democrats released a plan they call Michigan 2020. The plan would identify $1.8 billion in corporate tax cuts that aren’t being effective and redirect that money to education so that all Michigan students have the opportunity to go to college. The Michigan 2020 Plan would provide Michigan high school graduates – […]

Occupy Detroit and others to rally at home of foreclosure victim Alma Counts – UPDATED


Occupy Detroit, Moratorium Now!, UAW, People Before Banks, Metro AFL-CIO, and Jobs With Justice are having press conference tomorrow at the home of Alma Counts, a paralyzed senior citizen on fixed income facing foreclosure by Chase bank. They will also be having a rally at the downtown Detroit branch of Chase bank later in the […]

Progressive coalition “Protect Our Jobs” pushes Michigan constitutional amendment to protect collective bargaining

A coalition of “front-line teachers, first responders, construction workers, and clergy” called “Protect Our Jobs” is holding a press conference this afternoon to kick-off a petition drive for a constitutional amendment to protect collective bargaining rights for Michigan workers. The purpose of the amendment is to enshrine into our state Constitution the basic right of […]

Will WJR continue to air Limbaugh after he says women who use contraception should post videos of their sex online?

The day after Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a “slut” for advocating for birth control, he doubled down today by saying all women who get free contraception through their health care should post videos of themselves having sex on the internet. Folks, if you ask ‘em, if you ask ‘em, the Washington, D.C. Department of […]

Ann Arbor teen who fought “anti”-bully bill takes on another “Bully” issue

Look out world, here comes Katy Butler. Again. Last November, I wrote about an amazing teenager from Ann Arbor named Katy Butler (HERE and HERE.) She and her friend Carson Borbely put a petition on Change.org to try to force legislative change on what became known as the “License to Bully Bill”. Well, Katy is […]

Trevor Thomas gains endorsement of Gov. Jennifer Granholm in MI-03, campaign gains momentum

Democratic candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, Trevor Thomas, has scored a key endorsement this week from former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. I’m excited to introduce to you my friend Trevor Thomas, who is running to be the democratic contender against Rep. Justin Amash in Michigan’s 3rd District. The son of two autoworkers, […]