GOP Michigan Supreme Court protects its Oakland County cronies

The decision late Monday night by the Michigan Supreme Court in the Oakland County redistricting case proves two things: that down ballot, allegedly nonpartisan races have severe consequences and the so-called activist judges the right loves to rail about actually reside on the right. At 7:30 p.m. last night, the Republican majority on Supreme Court […]

Chamber threatens retaliation for workers protecting their rights


The reaction of the business lobby to a decision by a coalition of unions to launch a petition drive to place a constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would protect collective bargaining and ban right to work for less (RTWFL) laws continues to be stunning. As was pointed out on this blog, all that […]

GOP outraged that workers are fighting back

Just like when the middle and working classes finally began to fight back against the huge and growing wealth disparity and distribution of wealth, Republicans called it “class warfare,” and Republicans in Michigan are calling the decision to fight back against all of the anti-union bills being passed in the GOP-controlled Legislature “divisive.” On Tuesday […]

House GOP gins up another fake war on religion


Republicans are so desperate to find an election issue to get their bases excited about their poor Presidential field that they have made up another phony war on religion based on President Obama’s decision to require employers to make birth control available to workers with no co-pay. On Wednesday Michigan House Republicans got into the […]

Quest to retake the Michigan House begins on Feb. 28

Tim Greimel

Not only is Feb. 28 the Presidential Primary, but it’s also the first step in taking back the Michigan House from teabagger Republicans with two special elections to fill empty seats. Tim Greimel, a Democratic Oakland County Commissioner from Auburn Hill, is running for the seat in the 29th District after the seat was vacated […]

GOP bills want to treat the poor like criminals

If it wasn’t bad enough being poor, State Senator Joe Hune, R-Hamburg Township, wants to almost make it a crime to be poor. He recently introduced bills that will allow a Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) caseworker to require someone on assistance to take a drug test if the caseworker has “reasonable suspicion” – […]

‘Tea Party’ behind book banning attempt


From time to time rightwing groups pop up to insert their so-called values on public schools by launching a book-banning campaign, and the latest one is in the Plymouth-Canton School District. Apparently, a slate of “tea party” candidates ran for the school board in Plymouth last November, and two of the four candidates that were […]

Cyber schools benefit investors more than students


LANSING – With the start of the 2012 Michigan Legislative session set to start on Wednesday, a top priority for House Republicans will be to move Senate Bill 619 that lifts the cap on the number of so-called cyber schools in Michigan, out of the Education Committee. This comes on the heels of a report […]

Charter lobby demands apology for possible damage caused by charters


In a clear case of killing the messenger, the lobbying arm for charter schools in Michigan, the Michigan Association of Public School Academies, (MAPSA), is demanding an apology from a pro-public education parents group for linking to a story on a Klu Klux Klan web site that points out the fact that charter schools may […]

Number one comedy tour in the country now a top selling album


The right loves to tell us how the free market rules and dictates what we will consume, and that’s allegedly why liberal talk radio is confined to a few weak radio stations. However, the number one comedy tour in the country is turning that argument on its ear. The Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour has been […]

Cyber school fails to meet Adequate Yearly Progress

LANSING – With the passage of the anti-public, pro-privatization Senate Bill 618 earlier this month that lifts the cap on charter schools, the next piece of anti-public school legislation is Senate Bill 619 that lifts the cap on cyber schools. Two for profit charter schools were created because of the federal Race to the Top […]

Vote for the 2011 Scrooge of Year


Republicans are hell-bent on returning the country to the Gilded Age, with the richest 1 percent making extraordinary gains in the last decade that have created a huge wealth disparity in the country, so it’s only fitting that voting has begun for Jobs with Justice’s 12th Annual Scrooge of Year contest. The annual contest highlights […]