Yes, They Really are Stupid!

A number of times lately someone has said to me “either these Republicans are really smart or really stupid.”  I think the latter is far more likely.  I’d like to introduce two pieces of evidence to support the case for utter stupidity. Exhibit A: Cities around the state are in financial trouble because both state […]

103rd Democratic Candidate Lon Johnson is Northern Michigan’s Prince Fielder

Lon Johnson

When I broke the story about Lon Johnson’s upcoming announcement as a candidate for the 103rd House seat, I was only able to provide some sketchy details about his background.  Since then I have found out a lot more about Johnson, and there is a lot to like. Lon grew up in Rockwood, 25 miles […]

103rd House Candidate Has Ties to President Obama


I recently received a flyer via email for a candidate for the 103rd House office.  I have particular interest in the 103rd district because I live in it, because I am not very happy with my current representative Bruce Rendon, and because it is a district that flipped from Democrat to Republican in the last […]

Three Petitions You Can, and Must, Sign Right Now!


While you are waiting for the collective bargaining and recall Governor Rick Snyder petitions to reach your door, why not sign these petitions today? First, be sure to sign the online petition to reinstate Brooke Harris.  Brooke was fired for TRYING to organize a fundraiser for Trayvon Martin’s family at the Michigan charter school for […]

Connect Four: Rick Snyder, The Poor, Bible Verses, & Tax Breaks


There are over 100 references in the bible about caring for the poor.  One that seems to fit Michigan’s current political climate comes from Proverbs 22:16.  “He who oppresses the poor to increase his wealth and he who gives gifts to the rich — both come to poverty.”  Here is how Governor Snyder’s agenda affects […]

Prohibiting Dues Deduction Could Prove Costly for Students


I recently provided  proof that Public Act 53, which prevents school employees from having their union dues deducted by their employer, is nothing more than a political attack on teachers’ unions.  While Governor Snyder said the purpose of the bill is to make sure public education money is devoted to students, what it may do […]

Rick Snyder is Just Another Fat Cat Politician. Here is Proof.


The signing of House Bill 4929 is proof positive that our Governor is just another politician.  The bill prohibits school districts from automatically deducting teacher’s union dues.  Since the process is automated, the bill does not save money.  Republicans defeated an amendment to the bill that would have allowed the process to continue if the […]

Pension Envy


Pensions are going the way of the dodo bird.  Soon they might be a fond memory like Thanksgiving at grandma’s house.  Ford, which has new employees on a defined contribution plan (401K), wants to get rid of pensions so much it is about to offer a lump sum to new retires in lieu of their […]

Republicans Pass De Facto “Right to Work” for School Employees


Today the House and the Senate passed House Bill 4929 which will prohibit the “use of public school resources to assist a labor organization in collecting dues.” They passed the bill even though the House Fiscal Agency (H.F.A.) said the bill will “have no significant impact on school districts” because the process of collecting dues […]

Michigan Populist’s Top 5 Threats to Democracy in 2012


1. The Republican Supermajority- Our government was set up to have checks and balances.  When one party, especially if it is lead by an extreme element in that party, takes power of all the branches of Government, there are no checks or balances.  The majority party is like a kid in a candy shop.  The minority party can […]

Fixing Schools: Stop Attacking the Adults and Start Helping the Kids


When teachers push back against Republican school “reforms,” Republicans like to say “this isn’t about the adults.”  Yet all the Republican “reforms” seem to be targeted at teachers (the adults) rather than at the students (the kids).  Taking away a teacher’s job security, by essentially eliminating seniority and weakening tenure, isn’t about the kids.  Trying to take away a teacher’s pension isn’t about the kids.  Making teachers […]

State’s Pension Fix- Cash in on Untimely Deaths!

  Before watching Michael Moore’s Capitalism:  A Love Story, I could not have imagined it would be legal for a company to take out a life insurance policy on their employees.  Even though you and I can not take out insurance on each other, companies, who the Supreme Court has decided are  people, can do just that.  […]