How The Winners and Losers Nearly Clashed At The Capitol Tuesday


When Governor Snyder set out to “reform” Michigan’s tax structure, he repeatedly said “let’s stop picking winners and losers, let’s start being fair.”   Snyder’s fairness did not extend to right-to-work legislation though.  Police and firefighters are exempt from the new law (Act 349 of 2012) and still must “share fairly in the financial support of (their) labor organization.”  Needless […]

Ten Telling Quotes from the Right-To-Work Blitzkrieg

From the State House: 1. Democratic Representative Brandon Dillon of Grand Rapids spoke up in opposition of the legislation that Republicans are trying to rename “Freedom to Work.”  He called the legislation “Freedom to Freeload” and expounded by saying “with this bill, allowing people to benefit from the hard work that others do, without personally having to sacrifice one penny, is […]

Michigan Populist’s Recommendations for Ballot Initiative Voting


Proposal 1- A Referendum on the Emergency Manager Law (PA 4 of 2011)- If the President declared that Michigan was being mismanaged and he was going to suspend the power of our elected officials and appoint someone to run the state, we would literally be up in arms. No other state, to my knowledge, has […]

Attorney General Bill Schutte Sides With Billionaire Vegas Casino Magnate Over Michigan Workers.


I couldn’t watch the World Series, the local news, or even show my two-year-old daughter the Gummy Bear Song on YouTube without seeing Attorney General Bill Schutte’s face.  Schutte is the front man in an advertisement that urges us to vote no on Proposal 2, the ballot initiative that would guarantee collective bargaining rights in the Michigan Constitution.  Schutte says that “proposal 2 is about big special interest.”  The advertisements […]

How Do You Define Irony? The Detroit Free Press Supports Law It Calls “Undemocratic.”

Free Press

The Detroit Free Press (DFP) released its recommendationsfor voting on the statewide ballot proposals.  They say voters should “keep one, discard five.”  However, their rationale can best be described as a joke.   Here is why. On Proposal 1,  the DFP suggests a yes vote to keep in place the Emergency Manager Law (PA4) even though […]

Representative Potvin’s Business Buried “Hazardous Waste” Near City’s Well Field

Ariel View

Representative Phil Potvin, like many Republican politicians, likes to highlight his business experience when running for office.  Potvin’s father James co-founded Western Concrete in 1946.  James Potvin ran Western Concrete until the mid-1980’s when Phil took over.  Under Phil’s leadership at Western Concrete the company effectively went out of business.  Potvin’s official bio states that he […]

What is Wrong with Lansing? Meet Senator Darwin Booher


Senator Darwin Booher is one of the most out of touch politicians in Michigan.  I’m not saying Booher is out of touch just because he chose to ride in a BMW at the Lake City 4th of July parade.  Sure, these cars start at about 48,000, or as much as the median household income of […]

Casino Ballot Proposal Offers Promises and Red Flags


There are a lot of red flags surrounding the casino ballot proposal called Citizens For More Michigan Jobs.  The proposal would add eight new casinos and increase the tax rate on all private casinos.  I immediately had concerns about the proposal when I read about it in my local newspaper.  The Cadillac News’ article quoted […]

Prevent Election Fraud: Require John Hancocks Instead of George Washingtons


Michigan Republicans have been on a mission to prevent voter fraud.  Meanwhile, at least two high ranking Republican officials have been implicated in election fraud.  Michigan’s 11th Congressional Representative, and one time potential Presidential candidate, Republican Thaddeus McCotter submitted only 244 valid signatures to get his name on the ballot for reelection.  Apparently, the other […]

Teacher Job Satisfaction Suffering as New TV Attack Ads Set to Air


According to a study by Metlife, as reported on in The Nation, job satisfaction is dropping amongst teachers.  Only 44 percent of teachers described themselves as “very satisfied,” and almost a third of teachers are considering leaving the profession.  This news comes as the conservative organization the State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) is set to […]

Protect our Job’s Campaign Gets 1.8 Million Dollar Cash Infusion


The Michigan Education Association is going all-in with the Protect Our Jobs campaign.  The MEA, and most Michigan unions, are hoping that Michiganders will agree that collective bargaining rights should be protected under the Michigan constitution.  At a recent meeting of MEA leaders, five factions of the MEA emptied their savings accounts into a joint […]

GOP= Good at Oppressing People

Darwin Booher

Bill Maher famously said “I’m not saying all Republicans are racist, but if you’re racist, you’re probably a Republican.”  Borrowing his style, I’d like to say that not all Republicans are for voter suppression, but if you are suppressing voters, you are probably a Republican. As most of you know, two Republicans were able to […]