Governor Snyder Explains “Shared Sacrifice”

I really don’t understand his answer and what he means by “shared sacrifice.” It seems to me the Governor doesn’t really understand the concept of shared sacrifice, unless he means sharing between old people and poor people. Certainly wealthy people in Michigan are not sharing in the sacrifice. They are benefiting from the sacrifice of […]

Democracy For Sale. ALEC in charge in Michigan.

On tonight's show, Lawrence O'Donnell did a full segment about ALEC and the People for the American way have a report on their web site laying out how our Democracy is for Sale. ALEC represents a who's who of mostly Republican legislators across the country and they have been behind the rash of legislation in […]

Detroit 1-8-7 Regular, Erin Cummings (Dr. Abby Ward) Testifies To Michigan Senate Economic Committe

Erin Cummings was in Detroit on Friday to support her cousin, Leah Moss, who is the Editor-in-Chief of Detroit’s first men’s magazine, Jack Detroit.  Cummings will also be attending the Belle isle Preservation Luncheon on Wednesday. On Friday, though, she was testifying on behalf of Michigan’s now struggling film industry at Raleigh Studios, an $80 […]

Citizen Effort Launched to Repeal Emergency Financial Manager Act

Betsy Coffia of Traverse City is part of a group that is seeking to repeal SB 4 through a ballot referendum.  According to Coffia 161,305 signatures will be needed to put the repeal of SB 4 on the ballot for the people of the state of Michigan to vote up or down. According to Coffia, […]

Governor Rick Snyder Gets a Benton Harbor Welcome in Blossomtime Parade

The folks in Benton Harbor weren’t too happy to see Governor Snyder walking in the Blossomtime parade on Saturday in Benton Harbor. A few hundred vocal protesters were in town to let Governor Snyder know the dictator he appointed is not welcome. Chants of “Recall Rick” followed Snyder all along the parade route and at […]

Hundreds of Protesters Greet Governor Snyder in Benton Harbor

Hundreds of protesters greeted Governor Rick Snyder as me walked in the Blossomtime Parade in Benton Harbor.  Chants of Recall Rick could be heard along the parade route as protesters followed Governor Walker after he crossed the bridge from St. Joseph to Benton Harbor. Click here for the rest of the story.

LIVE AT 4:30 P.M. FROM FERNDALE, MI Jobs with Justice Rally for Public Workers

Standing up against the assaults on the unemployed, collective bargaining rights, and public employee bashing, Southeast Michigan Jobs With Justice (JWJ) will conduct its next First Friday Action, May 6, from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., at Woodward and Nine Mile Road in Ferndale. JWJ supporters, including public workers, teachers, the unemployed, underemployed, faith leaders […]

Rep. Al Pscholka Pulls out of Blossomtime Parade

The following statement was postedn on Rep. Al Pscholka’s Facebook page. He thinks it isn’t tasteful to protest at the Blossomtime Parade. State Rep. Al Pscholka today made the following full statement with regard to protests that are scheduled to take place at the upcoming Blossomtime Parade in St. Joseph and Benton Harbor: “When I […]

Tony Trupiano Interviews Bruce Fealk about ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council

Today I did an interview on Tony Trupiano’s new radio show on WDTW from 6-9 a.m. We talked about the organization known as ALEC, the American Legislative Exhchange Council. You can listen to Tony’s show every weekday morning from 6-9 on 1310 AM or on line at The Tony Show

Rally and March in Benton Harbor on April 27th Against Financial Martial Law

Benton Harbor is ground zero to fight the dictorial powers given to Emergency Financial Managers in Michigan. On Wednesday, April 27th there will be a march/rally in Benton Harbor, Michigan in response to the usurping of the rights and democratic process of their city government and their citizens by empowering a non-elected Emergency Financial Manager […]

Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin in Madison, Wisconsin

On Saturday, April 16, Andrew Breitbart (Serial Liar) and Sarah Palin, (Serial Quitter) were in Madison, Wisconsin to attend a Teabagger Rally.  A few thousand teabaggers showed up and tens of thousands of pro-labor protersters showed up. This is what it actually looked and sounded like, contrary to the network video that did not capture […]

Jobs Boom in MI, As Clean Energy Mfrg Drives Recovery – Thank you Gov. Granholm

Job Boom in Michigan, as Clean Energy Manufacturing Drives Economic Recovery In an exclusive interview, former Gov. Granholm says Michigan has emerged from a 'decade of hell,' with jobs growth spurred by clean energy policies By Maria Gallucc.                         Michigan's "green" economy is growing […]