MI GOP Spokesperson, Ari Adler, Posts Then Deletes Callous Statement on CT Shooting

GOP statement on CT shooting

Even the MI GOP had second thoughts about the statement below after it attracted several comments.  Ari Adler wanted the GOP in Michigan and gun owners everywhere and Michigan legislators not to back down on passing Senate Bill 59 which would concealed weapons in Michigan’s schools.  Adler believes well trained gun owners can prevent tragedies […]

Tony Trupiano announces WDTW is shutting down 1310 AM

At the end of his show today, Tony Trupiano announced that as of December 31st, WDTW 1310 AM in Detroit will no longer be on the air. Tony Trupiano and all the other liberal talk radio shows will no longer be available over the public airwaves in Michigan. Listen here. https://soundcloud.com/bruce-fealk/tony-trupiano-announcing-end

House Democratic Leader, Tim Greimel Appears on Jansing & Company on Right to Freeload


State Representative Tim Greimel appeared on Jansing & Company this morning to speak about the Right to Freeload legislation that the Republicans have rammed through the Michigan legislature with no hearings, no public comment, no democracy.  Tim made some great comments on how bad this legislation will be for workers in Michigan and our economy […]

The Only Person That Loves Tom McMillin Is His Mother


This piece of literature arrived in my mail today and all I could do was laugh.  It is so pathetic.  The picture is of Tom McMillin’s mother.  I think it’s obvious that Tom doesn’t have a campaign manager or any professional helping him with his campaign. What Tom McMillin’s mother doesn’t say is why his […]

Tom McMillin Story Gets More Attention – Says Being Gay Is A Choice

State Representative Tom McMillin’s position that being gay is a choice got some more attention today in the local media. Fox 2 did a great story covering McMillin’s controversial statement he made on Monday at a town hall meeting that he holds on a monthly basis. Fox 2 reporter Ronnie Dahl also interviewed Ferndale’s openly […]

State Rep. Tom McMillin – Being Gay Is A Choice

At a town hall meeting held at the Rochester Hills City Hall, State Representative Tom McMillin was asked whether he thought being gay is a choice. Just like many conservative idealogues, Tom McMillin seems to have a problem with science. There is no scientific evidence to back up his claim, but he insists that because […]

State Rep. Tom McMillin (R-Rochester) Holds Town Hall But Won’t Answer Questions


Republican State Representative Tom McMillin sent out a robocall inviting constituents to a town hall meeting at a local McDonalds in Rochester Hills. Only two people showed up, myself and a woman by the name of Iris.  Iris’ concern was global climate change and how Rep. McMillin felt about the fact that most scientists say […]

MI Board of Canvassers Refuses to Put Protect Our Jobs Referendum on Nov. Ballot


Board of Canvassers Deadlocks on Proposal to Protect Working Families   The State Board of Canvassers failed today to approve a proposal to allow citizens to vote on a proposal to protect Michigan’s working families by ensuring collective bargaining rights in the state constitution. The campaign immediately filed a motion with the Michigan Supreme Court […]

Gary Glenn of American Family Association of Michigan Congratulates Rochester Hills City Council

Today a group identified as the American Family Association of Michigan, headed by former U.S. Senate candidate, Gary Glenn, sent out a robocall to Rochester Hills residents urging them to thank State Representative Tom McMillin and the Rochester Hills City Council for “saying no to a small group of homosexual activists who tried to bully […]

Bruce Fealk Receives Justice Caucus Award for Leadership in Progressive Activism

Last night, July 29, 2012, the Michigan Justice Caucus held its fifth annual Millie Jeffrey award dinner in Southfield, Michigan. I was honored to receive the Cacus’ award for Leadership in Progressive Activism. Former Oakland County Commisser and chair of the Oakland County Democratic Party introduced me and I got to say a few words […]

Tom McMillin Just Doesn’t Get It

On Monday, July 16, at the Rochester City Hall, State Representative Tom McMillin held a town hall meeting and took questions from constituents.  I have to wonder though exactly who McMillin is representing.  One woman, a former teacher who is living on a pension and is now having that pension taxed, thanks to the Republican […]

Wisconsin Solidarity Singers Sing For Vaginas Down At the Sing Along

A new verse was sung today to Down At The Sing Along at the daily sing along that takes place in the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. One of the songs sung most days is Down At The Sing Along.  In solidarity with the people of Michigan speaking out for women’s rights and the right to […]