Agema goes after Native Americans

Now that he’s successfully beaten down the Michigan homos, Agema is off to get those pesky redskins who are getting assistance to go to college. He’s looking to cut the North American Indian Tuition Waiver, which allows qualifying Native Americans to attend college at little-to-no cost. “It comes down to discrimination, because you’re showing favoritism […]

Occupy our Homes on Tony Tupiano’s First Shift this morning

Zachary Steve will be on First Shift this morning at 7.50am to discuss the Detroit Occupy our Homes initiative. The Occupy our Homes (Detroit) organizing meeting takes place tomorrow at 6pm, at the Arab Community Cntr for Economic & Social Svcs,** 2651 Saulino Ct, Dearborn, MI 48120-1556. The Occupy Detroit organization meets tomorrow at 5.30, […]

Snyder shies away from Right to Work for Less laws

Today on the Frank Beckmann Show on WJR, Governor Snyder said that he didn’t want to see Michigan becoming a Right to Work for Less state. The interview is here –* Snyder mentioned a few reasons why he does not want to see RtWfL legislation, such as, 1. The grassroots efforts in Wisconsin and […]

Members of Occupy Flint reject ABC 12 news report as false, one-sided

ABC 12 issued a report on Occupy Flint yesterday in which Adam Gerics discusses the Flint encampment: But that’s not the only challenge facing occupiers. Gerics says he left the encampment a few days ago. “It’s changed because it’s become, parties until 5, 6 o’clock in the morning, there’s some illicit chemicals going on too.” […]

State Rep. Margaret O’Brien wrong on Stryker, Medical Device Excise Tax

State Rep. Margaret O’Brien and Stryker Corp. Chairman President and CEO Stephen P. MacMillan are preaching gloom and doom about that pesky health care bill. They want us to believe that the Medical Device Excise tax is a serial job killer, working it’s way through the medical device industry. Gloom, despair, agony. I call shenanigans. […]

Power and Rothwell confused on progress

Who the hell is Phil Power???? This guy has a serious misunderstanding of the distinction between “progress” and “activity.” I mentioned this once before when he claimed that Snyder’s leadership and momentum was refreshing, coherent, blah blah bromance blah. Phil’s article was either amateur political analysis or deliberately misleading reporting, and it was debunked easily […]

Emergency Managers, Equality, Andy Dillon, Rick Snyder

First of all, let’s start with this — EXCELLENT WORK, ECLECTABLOG!!! Seriously, congratulations on the coverage. Your hard work and consistency are paying off. I’m proud to be your blog buddie. There’s not much for me to add to the topic of Emergency Dictators, but I want to reiterate that the state is currently looking […]

New GOP tax + Blue Cross MI ‘solution’ costs me about $3 more per month ..

Just got this from my employer .. Please see the attached letter from Blue Cross/Blue Shield concerning a new State of Michigan tax being applied to Health Insurance Claims beginning 1/1/2012. Blue Cross is applying a .75% tax factor to the group’s monthly premium as their solution to collecting the necessary $$ for the new […]

Marijuana, Fred Meijer, WatP, and a Kansas apology

Interesting things going on. Schuette loves his pot (strictly as a political issue) Remember a while back I talked about the hypocrisy of Bill Schuette? Federal law trumps state law when it comes to medical marijuana but state law trumps federal law when it comes to civil rights? Well that was just a glimpse into […]

MIRS News calls Eclectablog article “completely inaccurate”

Update, 12/1/11: Susan Demas clarified that she had mistakenly tweeted from the official MIRS News Twitter account. sjdemas Nov 29, 8:11am via Twitter for iPhone @bloggingformich The @MIRSnews tweet was accidental and instantly deleted. I then tweeted from my account. It isn’t often that a news service will respond directly to a blogger, but that’s […]

Hand-me-downs and legacies

Today is my birthday. Like many birthdays before this one, the birthday emotions get mixed up with the Thanksgiving emotions, and I find myself celebrating my life simply by being grateful for the people I love. Sometimes that means calling with my dad just to make sure he knows how much I love him. Sometimes […]

Lazy Wednesday links ..


Some items I found to be of interest .. Our former Gov JMG is coming to town to spend the holidays with the family. But she’ll also be spending Black Friday (ack!) with anyone who visits AJ’s Music Café between 2.30 – 4.00 pm. She’ll be there to sign her book, “A Governor’s Story.” Believe […]