Asking for democracy is democracy in action


Say what? Well I was checking out this article on the MLK march on Snyder’s residence, and found this tidbit here: “We elect mayors, we elect city council members, and we would like them to be a part of the process … in terms of rebuilding these urban cities,” Williams said. “We don’t want our […]

‘Choose Life’ plates would fund Right to Life through the Secretary of State


Based on what we’ve seen of Snyder & the GOP legislature so far, this is definitely going to pass: Among the legislation scheduled for review Tuesday by the Michigan Senate Transportation Committee is Senate Bill No. 600, which would require the Secretary of State to develop a plate whose proceeds would support the Right to […]

This week on Blog Role

I’ll be on with Tony Trupiano at about 8.35 this morning. We’ll be talking about sexist attitudes in Lansing (and beyond). Tony’s other guests this morning are Brandon Jessup, Occupy Detroit, and Mark Brewer. If you’re not already listening to Tony on First Shift, tune in at 1310am or stream it live on iHeartRadio. You […]

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Pimp Daddy Rick Jones says he won’t tolerate no sexual misbehavin’

Yo yo yo. Rob South has a new article on the Lansing pimps, in which he reports that Senator Rick “Pimp Daddy” Jones claims that he has never ‘”personally witnessed” sexual misbehavior in the legislature.’ [Jones] says in hindsight he made a “poor choice of words” but says he did not intend it to be […]

Feel free to Facebook stalk her too

Since everyone is chatting about Pimp Daddy Rick Jones’ hooker comment and Gretchen Whitmer’s response, I thought it would be a fine time to remind everyone about douchebag Bryan Brandenburg. Remember this: Subject: 25/F/Capitol Building. “Hey guys, “I know it’s slow today so I thought I’d help a friend out. [NAME DELETED] broke up with […]

Snyder accuses Michigan of “decades of mismanagement and overspending”

From sub only MIRS, Governor Snyder recently sent an email to his peeps, bragging about how he cut Michigan spending by one-third: “So, does this mean taxpayers can expect a hefty refund from the state? Unfortunately not yet; after decades of mismanagement and chronic overspending, we still have a lot of work to do to […]

First Shift with Tony Trupiano

If you’re looking for some great Michigan progressive talk, check out Tony Trupiano’s show. First Shift with Tony Trupiano airs 6a-9a, Mon-Fri, on 1310am. You can stream it through the heart network, or download the podcasts. BFM and Chris aka Eclectablog will be on First Shift at 8.35am Monday mornings. We’ll be doing a progressivesphere […]

The 83 County Project

Remember the good old days when the national progressivesphere referred to Michigan as the juggernaut? We had dozens of bloggers doing some awesome field work. We had a watch-blog for every GOP Congressman and several very good local bloggers. (If I do say so myself ) Well it’s time for Michigan to reclaim our title. […]

Proof that we need professional and competent policy makers

I’d like to speak a bit to Chris’ post on Proof that EM’s can’t govern. Chris points out that the GOP scorched earth Emergency Manager strategy does not address the systemic problems faced by many of our cities today. He’s absolutely right, and we have big cultural issues in our democracy right now, that are […]

Snyder cites Bloomberg, announces he will run for a second term

… despite the 19% approval rating … If you don’t want to bother watching the video, here’s the skinny; *He doesn’t take criticism personally *He likes the job of Governor *Small businesses have added jobs as a result of the tax cuts that are paid for by the seniors and the poor *Bloomberg’s evaluation of […]

Governor Snyder gay-bashes as an economic issue

Rick Snyder is a real piece of work. He and his GOP BFFs in the legislature rammed through HB 4770 (PA 297) which bans public employers from providing health care to unrelated adults. Since gays and lesbians aren’t allowed by law to be related to each other in a consensual relationship, this effectively prohibits lgbt […]