Wednesday briefing and open thread

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Today in talk Tony’s show is already rockin’ Listen in at He’s got some open time this morning; be sure to give him a call or hit him up on the First Shift Facebook page. Be heard, my people!! Stephanie Miller – today she’s got Ted Boutrous Jr, David Cruz, Gloria Allred, David Bender, […]

Cries to stop bashing China should fall on deaf ears


It isn’t cool to mock how people speak, and there’s something really nasty about the phrase “we take your jobs” spoken as ESL. That being said, allow me to direct your attention to this commentary from the Holland Sentinel: Gov. “Relentless Positive Action” Snyder understands China can and must be part of the ingredients necessary […]

Tuesday briefing and open thread

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Today in talk Tony at Today’s guests are Roger Cope, Joel Ferguson, Occupy Detroit, and Chris Michalakis. You can give Tony a call when he’s on air or chat with him on Twitter @tonytrupiano or on his Facebook page. To listen to yesterday’s segment with Eclectablog by visiting Tony’s podcast directory. Stephanie Miller – […]

Monday morning briefing and open thread

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Lots of cool things happening In progressive talk news, don’t forget to tune in, stream, or podcast Tony at Today’s guests are Rep. Harvey Santana, Occupy Detroit, the one and only Mark Brewer, and our own Chris Savage. You can give Tony a call when he’s on air or chat with him on Twitter […]

Mitt should worry about black people on welfare ..


In response to Mitt Romney’s latest gaffe, we get this article, straight from Red State: (warning, may not be safe for work) The article is titled “Mitt Had Better Worry About The Poor” and includes a bit on Sen. Moynihan’s theory that black men without jobs would cause divorce, abandonment, and high rates of out-of-wedlock […]

Snyder believes in ‘a consensus approach to governing’

One Tough Nerd

Color me so “are you freaking kidding me?!?!” Rick Snyder, the most right-wing nutbag governor in Michigan history, is lecturing his fellow Republican governors on how to be a moderate. Snyder says he sees large protests in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana about anti-union laws as unfortunate. He says pushing the contentious legislation means those states […]

Red to blue: 3 Michigan State House districts to watch

I’d like to take a quick look at 3 House seats that I think we can pick up from the Republicans. 64th district – This district covers Jackson and surrounding areas, and was not changed in the redistricting process. It is currently held by Earl Poleski. As far as I know, there is no Democratic […]

Mike Huckleberry announces candidacy for 70th district house seat


Here’s a video of Huck’s announcement, which was held Saturday at his restaurant in Greenville We’re probably looking at a rematch between Huck and Outman. Outman played pretty dirty last time, by painting Huck as a “failed businessman” due to the negative impact that the economy had on his restaurant. Outman is a dirty, disgusting […]

Does Governor Snyder ever tell the truth?


A little short for a post, but too long to be a tweet. So you guys remember my 3 favorite parts of the #misots? Outhouses are not toilets, the James Group isn’t his personal success story, and the MBT was actually created by Republicans before being killed by Republicans? Now we’ve got another potential favorite […]

Dan Kildee interview wrap-up

This is the last in a week long series on Dan Kildee. To view the series in its entirety, click here. “This is not a career change for me. I have spent my life working with people who are disconnected from the economy. This is supposed to be a nation of opportunity.” ~Dan Kildee, on […]

Dan Kildee on education and manufacturing

Note: This is part of an ongoing series on my interview with Dan Kildee. To view the series in its entirety, click here. Sorry about the delay on this one, my blogging time was sucked up by some technical problems last night thru this afternoon. So far I’ve covered Dan’s background and his philosophies on […]

Michibash alive and well at Mackinac Center, Detroit News

Remember when Mike Bishop would go on tv and stomp his foot and complain about everything? “Michigan sucks! No one should come to Michigan! Everything sucks! This Governor sucks! And she has stupid hair!” He just made you feel bad about being in Michigan? Remember that? Well based on what the Governor said at the […]