Kevyn Orr: I can cut somebody’s throat and leave them to bleed …


If I haven’t told you lately that Detroit EM Kevyn Orr is a bully, that’s my bad. I knew he was going to be a bully when he took the job, stood up in front of everyone and said, “Don’t make me go to bankruptcy court. You won’t enjoy it.” Who starts out that way? […]

Amy Kerr Hardin on the manufactured fiscal crises in schools


Today we talk to Amy Kerr Hardin of Democracy Tree. This is our first conversation and I enjoyed it. I hope you find it interesting. You should check out Amy’s blog for some of the very best political blogging you’ll find in Michigan. Here are Amy’s show notes. Her notes are longer than my summary […]

Dan Kildee on blight removal funds: This is an important first step


This audio segment is a great conversation with Congressman Dan Kildee on the importance of blight removal. Here’s what we talk about: This move by the Treasury frees up funds from the Hardest Hit Fund for blight removal as part of foreclosure prevention This is a change in the interpretation of the Hardest Hit Fund […]

Audio: Mackinac Center disingenuous on Michigan job growth


Today we have an audioblog instead of the usual briefing, where I review the facts behind this Mackinac Center post. In particular I take issue with this: A look at the employment shows that the recovery has been substantial, better than average, and only partly caused by the resurgence of the auto industry. … It […]

Lonnie Scott: paid sick leave is a public health issue


Today we talk to our old pal Lonnie Scott about the issue of paid sick leave. We talk about: The hypocrisy of the GOP on paid sick leave How this issue reveals the underlying agenda / values of the GOP Paid sick leave is a public health issue Republicans: in this country we do not […]

John Cherry – I am very proud of Pam


Today we talk to our former LG John Cherry about life after office. We discuss: How no fault ‘reform’ would impact certain hospitals like Hurley Hospital Shared services at the local level (bottom up shared services based on local consensus) All the stuff he’s working on What it’s like to have his wife serve in […]

Rudy Hobbs – That’s how the Republican Speaker operates

rudy hobbs

In this shotcast we talk to Rudy Hobbs about the role of Floor Leader and what it’s like working with Jase Bolger. Today we talk about: Speaker Bolger is a bully What the floor leader does The importance of relationships Having the right people in the right places Taking it to the Republicans Engaging with […]

MI talent & attraction – the difference between the Dems & the GOP


I was on Night Shift to discuss MI talent & attraction. To his credit, Governor Snyder recognizes that we need to develop and retain talent in Michigan, but his focus is on matching employees with employers through his website, and inviting wealthy immigrants to come to Michigan. The Democratic position is a holistic approach, focusing […]

Emily Dievendorf – The BSA policy is not sustainable


Today we talk to Emily Dievendorf of Equality Michigan about the Boy Scouts of America vote to lift the ban on openly gay youth. Today we talk about: The role of the Mormon support in the vote What it means to the boy scouts to continue to ban gay adults The current policy is not […]

Adam Zemke – I challenge anyone to argue in favor of PA297


Today we talk to State Rep Adam Zemke about his bill HB 4742. HB 4742 would repeal PA297 of 2011, which is the bill that bans benefits for the domestic partners of public sector employees. We discuss: The economic impact of PA297 when it takes effect on June 30 How PA297 impacts the employees at […]

Rudy Hobbs – Sick leave legislation is a public health issue

rudy hobbs

In this special audio segment we talk to State Rep Rudy Hobbs about his legislation, HB4706 (Hobbs press release here) Today we discuss: The stats on how many people cannot take a sick day This bill makes sense from economic security and public health perspectives How the GOP will react to this bill This is […]

Lonnie Scott: It all comes back to education


Today we have our old pal Lonnie Scott back with us to discuss education funding. Today we discuss: Why Snyder must have known about Skunk Works The student as a product Education as a one-time transfer of skills The hypocrisy of Snyder on education The many reasons why education is important for our state Value […]