Are you listening to the Michigan Policast?


We may have gone into ‘archive mode’ here at BFM, but our folks are still busy. My current work is the Michigan Policast, a weekly podcast about Michigan Politics. This is a join project with Walt Sorg and Amy Kerr Hardin, and I’m really proud of the work we’ve done so far. Here are the […]

Yvonne Siferd: You are not alone


Today we talk to Yvonne Siferd, Director of Victim Services at Equality Michigan. Today we talk about: Cultural competency The importance of training as part of victim services What it means to help victims The importance of human rights ordinances The different types of reporting by the victim services department Under-reporting of incidents The distrust […]

Amy Kerr Hardin: Complexity is not the same as chaos


Today we have Amy Hardin back with us again, this time to talk about mergers & consolidations. Amy’s notes: The 3 myths about local units of government in Michigan: 1. We have too many units 2. They are too costly 3. Mergers are the cure-all (primary myth to expand upon) Here’s some introductory text I […]

Sommer Foster: Everyone has a Coming Out Day


Today we talk to Sommer Foster, Field Organizer with Equality Michigan. We talk about, What it means to be a straight ally The role of field organizer in Equality Michigan The role of social justice and civil rights in Sommer’s life The projects that equality michigan is helping with throughout the state Credibility as a […]

David Rutledge: You can’t change policy without changing policy makers


Today we have State Rep & Democratic Floor Leader David Rutledge with us! Great conversation, if I do say so myself! Join us as we discuss: Taking over the Floor Leader position for the House Dems David’s background prior to being elected to the State House The school dissolution legislation & how it morphed from […]

Rudy Hobbs: Senate Republicans are slow-walking Medicaid

rudy hobbs

Today we have State Rep Rudy Hobbs joining us again. I love it when he’s on with us!! Join us as we discuss … The importance of fundraising in a campaign Lansing Dems fundraising is going really well The aggressiveness of the House Dems Caucus in Lansing House Dems are optimistic about the next election!! […]

Ned Staebler: Talent attraction is not a partisan issue


Today we have Ned Staebler with us to talk about talent development, retention, and attraction. We talk about, Michigan needs to invest more in education in order to raise the standard of living here Union jobs kept wages disproportionately high relative to educational level Other states have figured out that human capital is the most […]

Amy Kerr Hardin: Corruption did not cause deindustrialization


Today Amy & I are talking about Detroit. Speculating a bit on how we got here and what’s next. Guest: Amy Kerr Hardin Here are Amy’s awesome notes: DETROIT, BY THE NUMBERS: Debt of about $17 to $20 billion (estimates vary depending on the source), with $10 billion owed to roughly 20,000 retirees, and of […]

Homo, don’t let the sun set on you here

homos don't let the sun set on you here

This is the M-21 Church of Christ. They suck. They talk a lot about sin. But only the kind of sin that “the others” do. Those dirty homosexuals. Occasionally we’ll see a sign about abortion, but most of the time the church sign is gay-bashing. It isn’t talking about divorce, gluttony, greed, or any of […]

Amy Kerr Hardin on the Meijer SLAPP lawsuit: We just wanted the whole thing to go away


Today we talk to Amy Kerr Hardin about the Acme Twp v Meijer scenario. I don’t even know what to call it. Recalls, lawsuits, master plans, and Citizens United. You just have to listen to know what it’s about. Guest: Amy Kerr Hardin Amy’s notes: There is a massive archive of stories from the Record-Eagle […]

Briefing: Will the insurance industry end the gun debate?

handgun 2

Today it’s just me, running through a handful of things .. Join me for .. Tim Skubick: Senate Democrats display example of political hypocrisy (Tim could not possibly have believed what he wrote in this!) Conservative guns-in-schools plan runs afoul of the insurance industry Someday conservatives will talk fondly of the day that the free […]

Nathan Triplett: We have an obligation to protect our residents

East Lansing City Council

Today we talk to Nathan Triplett about his work with One Capital Region and bringing equality to Michigan. We talk about, East Lansing has the oldest non discrimination ordinance in the country adopted in 1972 Equality is a responsibility of local governments Nathan’s history with equality issues One Capitol Region campaign What is slowing down […]