ALEC v Kids: The GOP’s stealthy & shady attack on our schools

Today we join Progress Michigan, Common Cause Michigan, and Michigan Citizen Action, for a conference on their new report, ALEC v Kids.


We discuss:

What is ALEC and why does it matter?
What does ALEC support?
Who are the Michigan members of ALEC?
How does ALEC impact education in Michigan?
What do we need to do in order to stop ALEC’s influence in Michigan?

Jessica Tramontana, Acting Executive Director, Progress Michigan
Melanie McElroy, Executive Director, Common Cause
Linda Teeter, Executive Director, Michigan Citizen Action
Chris Behan, Livingston Daily

Headlines & Links:

Right Wing Network War on Unions

State Policy Network sneaking into your state

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  1. Christine Barry says:
  2. Hector Solon says:

    Thanks for posting. Great work and it is so important that people understand not just how ALEC works, but how to find and identify ALEC (or Mackinac/StudentsFirst/AFC) models as they are introduced, normally as “amendments” to “Vehicle bills”.

    Very good explanation of ALEC in MI and some of their influence on Michigan Public Education. In particular, J.C. J.C. Huizenga and his National Heritage (right name) Academies. Remember he is also very active in a number of other for-profit and anti-public education orgs, one key one being The Friedman Foundation For Educational Choice.

    Also 5 Key ALEC
    “Education Reform” policies were inserted into the 2013-14 Michigan Budget under the tag of “Best Practices” – ALEC calls these “Performance Based Funding” controls, or “Performance-based budgeting” which comes out of Florida and is part of the ALEC State Budget Toolkit. See

    “(J) “Performance Based Funding” — The Legislature may factor in the
    performance of schools in calculating any performance-based funding
    policy that is provided for annually in the General Appropriations Act.”

    Graphic that shows these “best practices”:

    Right now, Tom McMillin, who now says he is no longer ALEC (but just the MI ALEC model “cut & paste” champion):

    …is working on “School Ratings: bills. Again see

    “(I) “School Report Cards” — The Department of Education shall annually
    develop, in collaboration with the school districts, a school report
    card to be delivered to parents throughout each school district. The
    report card shall include the school’s grade, information regarding
    school improvement, an explanation of school performance as evaluated by
    the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, and indicators of return
    on investment. The department on its website shall publish each school’s
    report card annually, and the school district shall provide the school
    report card to each parent.”

    is in the form of an “A-F” “grading” system. The goal here is to further cripple any school that might be struggling so that other
    companies, like Mosaics Ed Inc in Muskegon Heights, or the now nationally famous, following of the Lousianna Recovery School District (RSD), an ALEC model / strategy, on which Detroit EAA was based.

    Much more on ALEC and Education, and activities/history in Michigan in particular, will be coming out soon.

    In the meantime, look for yourself at, here on BloggingforMichigan on Twitter #ALECexposed, or dozens of sites on the web.

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