Lonnie Scott on Snyder’s No-Fault insurance scheme

Our old pal Lonnie Scott is back, this time to talk about Snyder’s No-Fault insurance scammy scheme.


We also have audio from Steven Gursten speaking to L Brooks Patterson about the benefits of Michigan No Fault. (After the stinger)

Today we talk about:

  • Why the no-fault insurance legislation will effect everyone
  • Why capping no-fault at $1 million will push people into the Medicaid system and cost taxpayers more
  • The average savings to a consumer is $250, which is not guaranteed savings (Only the insurance companies will save money)
  • Why does Michigan pay more in auto insurance than other states?
  • The credit score factor in auto-insurance
  • The real math on the no-fault legislation
  • Will No-Fault “reform” pass the House and the Senate?
  • Is the No-Fault legislation a fundraiser for Snyder + a way to fight off an attack from the right in 2014? (Most likely)


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5 Minute Activism:

Ask 1-3 people if they have registered to vote and if they plan on voting in 2014. You don’t have to get into a political conversation or ask who they are voting for or anything else that might be uncomfortable. This is just to remind people and to raise awareness of voting.

Here’s the state voter registration application. (pdf)

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