Gilda Jacobs on the EITC and Michigan’s regressive tax structure

Today we have Gilda Jacobs, President and CEO of the Michigan League for Public Policy.


We talk about

  • Michigan’s regressive tax structure
  • What the MI Earned Income Tax Credit is
  • How much $$ the average person would receive through the EITC and what he would do with it
  • The EITC as an anti-poverty tool
  • The way that the various budget cuts worsen the impact of the others
  • Stigmatizing the poor
  • How to help restore the MI EITC
  • Why your story is important



5 Minute Activism:

Visit the Citizens for Tax Justice Website and look around. In particular look at this report (pdf) which lists 10 huge corporations that are not paying a dime in taxes on their billions of dollars in profits.

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