Walt Sorg on GOP destruction of environmental protections and Michigan’s natural resources

Walt Sorg joins us to discuss the way that the Republicans in Lansing are gutting the bejoobers out of our environmental protections. It’s scary and heart-breaking.


We talk about the content in Walt’s recent article in the Lansing City Pulse – The pendulum has swung

Today we talk about

  • The history of environmental protections in Michigan
  • The specific legislative damage by the GOP to environmental protections
  • How Snyder is appeasing the right-wing by giving them the environment
  • The 3.5 things that Snyder has done right
  • We’re only Pure Michigan when it’s convenient
  • The GOP either doesn’t care what you think, or they do care but think you are wrong
  • What we have to do to overcome gerrymandering
  • How expectations of Obama and scapegoating of Granholm gave the GOP the 2010 “perfect storm”
  • How RTW and the pension tax will motivate people to vote against the GOP
  • And so much more…



5 Minute Activism:

This just takes a couple of minutes: Please call your State Senator and express your opposition to the EAA! Explain why you value your local schools, and why you want to keep local control of your schools. Explain you want local dollars to stay under control of the local school community.

Click here for more information on the EAA.

Click here to find your State Senator.

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