Ellen Cogen Lipton on the EAA, Mumford Students Social Justice League, DPS Roy Roberts fudges numbers

Today we have State Rep Ellen Cogen Lipton talking to us in depth about the EAA and the questions she has surrounding the institution and the way that the related legislation has been rushed through the House.


Today we ask / talk about:

  • the genesis of the FOIA she submitted to the EAA
  • the stall tactics of the EAA
  • 1,000 special ed students “disappear”
  • nationwide effort to ghettoize public schools
  • the GOP “choice” messaging destabilizes the public school system
  • the original purpose of charter schools, which was never to replace public schools
  • who pays for the EAA software (you may be surprised)
  • corporate charters as educational content creators
  • why are foundations investing so heavily in education
  • why having all of the information is the only way to have true choice in schools
  • the Social Justice League at Mumsford
  • governor snyder’s efforts in getting the EAA through the House
  • retribution against teachers who speak out against EAA



5 Minute Activism:

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