Rudy Hobbs on MI Middle Class Plan, Dan Kildee on the sequester, Snyder redefines democracy with customer v constituent, GOP racial slurs

Democratic Floor Leader Rudy Hobbs joins us to discuss the Real State of our State Tour and the Michigan Middle Class Plan. Congressman Dan Kildee discusses the impact of the sequester on Michigan, including the fact that it is an ideological issue rather than an economic policy issue. We talk about Snyder’s use of the word “customer” and the right-wing reaction to Dave Agema. And while I was recording this I saw the news that another Republican stuck his foot in his mouth.




5 Minute Activism:

Call your State Senator and express your opposition to the EAA. Explain that you want to keep local control of your public schools. Even though it’s a holiday weekend, you can still call and leave your message on voicemail. Keep in mind that if you want your opinion to count you should leave your name and your location such as your city, township, etc.

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  1. Snarky Anderson says:

    By referring to “customers,” Snyder might have inadvertently blurted out the truth: the big donors who dominate today’s politics expect a return on their investment.

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