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“”I’m thinking about it. I haven’t made a decision. Anybody who has run for office, governor, Congress, knows its a huge personal decision with a lot of thing to talk about. ” ~ Mark Schauer, on whether he is running for Governor

That’s from this article, which is reporting on the really big surprise that Mark Schauer is considering a run for Governor. That article then speculates on the Democratic field, and reveals that Randy Richardville would “never” underestimate his opponents. Which of course he did when he rammed that crap through lame duck, though he doesn’t yet appreciate the extent.

More wing-nuttery by Rick “Pimp Daddy” Jones. He’ll give you viagra if you give him control of your uterus. That’s ok because he’s not using the viagra right now, so it’s still someone else’s stuff he’s giving away. You hooker.



Muskegon Critic has some great pictures of his trip to the DC rally.

The IC Bus plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma has just gone union. 650 more UAW brothers and sisters. Suck it, Mackinac Center, or whatever your Oklahoma based ALEC clone equivalent is.

Eclectablog has another great article on the race for MDP Chair. Eclectablog links to Lon Johnson’s latest campaign video:

I had a hard time hearing the vocals the first time I listened. If I’m sitting at my desk with my big Koss headphones on I can hear him but his voice tapers off at the end of his sentences so it’s still a little quiet for me. What can I say, I’m old and I spent too many years in server rooms. The only thing I heard is “what is this Shiawassee place and why should I care?”

And from Crain’s Detroit Business, a cool report on downtown Detroit:

Some key findings from the report include:

  • Greater Downtown Detroit is at nearly 80 percent commercial occupancy. The average asking lease rate is $19.41 per square foot.
  • Employment in Greater Downtown as of March 2010 totaled 135,402 employees, which accounts for 40 percent of total employment in the city.
  • Rental occupancy in Midtown is at 97 percent, Downtown is at 95 percent. Rent costs in Midtown ranged from $325-$2,500, and Downtown ranged from $475-$5,100.
  • The total population of Greater Downtown is 36,550 people, for a density makeup of 5,076 people per square mile.
  • The average per capital income per person in Greater Downtown is $20,216.

You can download a copy of the report from http://www.detroitsevenpointtwo.com/.

Census Daily Tuesday, February 19th. On this date in 1942, President Franklin Roosevelt issued an executive order requiring Japanese Americans living along the Pacific Coast to be relocated inland. This order, affected some 77,000 citizens and 43,000 resident aliens. The internment lasted throughout the war, and the camps closed by early 1946. The dislocation caused by the internment order singling out an ancestry group came to be widely regretted, and led to the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, formally apologizing for the action and offering financial restitution. Today in the U.S., there are an estimated 775,000 residents of Japanese ancestry.

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