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“Speaking of dumb pricks and their opinions on guns … “ ~Steve Shives

That’s my new BFF:

On the topic of dumb pricks, Michigan Republicans are getting some press.

If they rig the elections to tie electoral votes to congressional districts, they might win the Presidency. But they might also push turnout in those districts where Democrats might normally not be competitive. I can’t believe the GOP is so bold about cheating. But there it is.

Speaking of bold, over the fold Dick Devos is bragging about right to work for less.

The inside story from Dick DeVos on how right-to-work was passed in Michigan

Speed was critical, too, he said, to avoid “violence and abuse by the unions.” The December lame duck session was an ideal remedy for pushing through the legislation, he added. Also key was a message – calling the effort Freedom to Work – and preparation for backlash from opponents. “Unfortunately, the violence and riots did occur as expected,” DeVos said.

Enjoy it while it lasts, dick.

Rick Snyder, meanwhile, is asking the Michigan Supreme Court to ‘promptly review’ right to work. Like all Republican laws, right to work is going to end up in court one way or another, so Rick is pushing it through quickly.

If only there was some way to think these things through and make sure they are constitutional before doing them. Hm.

Of course Diane Hathaway won’t be there to review right to work when it gets there. She’s going to be busy. But at least sleepy Cliff Taylor won’t be there either.

The Michigan legislature is looking at going part-time. Because there’s no better way to give ALEC & lobbyists & [anyone but our elected representatives] more power than to have our legislators spend LESS time learning & doing their jobs.

Off topic: Johnny Cash performing for prisoners at Folsom Prison – Jan. 13th 1968

Census Daily Tuesday, January 29th. A social milestone was reached this date in 1907, when congressman Charles Curtis of Kansas was seated in the U.S. Senate, completing the few weeks remaining in the term of a resigned senator. He was also chosen to serve a full term in that office. Curtis became the first person with Native American blood to serve in the Senate. He remained until March 3, 1929, when he left the Senate to serve as vice president under Herbert Hoover. There are over 2.5 million Native Americans. Of the more than 900,000 American Indians in the workforce, nearly 10 percent are in public administration.

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