Republican State Leadership Committee credits gerrymandering for its House majority

We all know that the Democratic vote was suppressed in 2010. There was a huge enthusiasm gap along with a Teapublican wave going on. We lost quite a few seats in 2010, which put the GOP firmly in control of gerrymandering.

There’s also no surprise that Democrats won the popular election in Michigan and nationally in 2012, yet the Republicans still maintained majorities in the Congress and State House. This Daily Kos article outlines what the Republican State Leadership Committee has to say about that:

The effectiveness of REDMAP is perhaps most clear in the state of Michigan. In 2010, the RSLC put $1 million into state legislative races, contributing to a GOP pick-up of 20 seats in the House and Republican majorities in both the House and Senate. Republican Rick Snyder won the gubernatorial race, and with it Republicans gained control of redrawing Michigan’s 148 legislative and 14 congressional districts. The 2012 election was a huge success for Democrats at the statewide level in Michigan: voters elected a Democratic U.S. Senator by more than 20 points and reelected President Obama by almost 10 points. But Republicans at the state level maintained majorities in both chambers of the legislature and voters elected a 9-5 Republican majority to represent them in Congress.

Michiganders cast over 240,000 more votes for Democratic congressional candidates than Republicans, but still elected a 9-5 Republican delegation to Congress. Nationwide, Republicans won 54 percent of the U.S. House seats, along with 58 of 99 state legislative chambers, while winning only 8 of 33 U.S. Senate races and carrying only 47.8 percent of the national presidential vote.

Emphasis mine.

Now they’re trying to come up with another way to cheat in the Presidential races. Why?

Because when you’re a racist batshit fuck-crazy religious ideologue political party that has completely lost touch with modern America, cheating is the only way to stay relevant. But the good news is that they are squandering their numerical superiority by embracing this extreme crap that alienates even life-long conservatives who believe that you provide federal aid when there’s a hurricane, you can regulate firearms to protect America, and rape is a brutal violent crime. And the Republican Party is going to be gone in the next decade, because they are mean hateful people, and there just aren’t enough racist batshit fuck-crazy religious ideologues left in America to sustain them.

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  1. Harris Hubbard Sr. says:

    Rethuglicans have embraced the ideaolgy of “if we can’t win fair and square cheat”. Alec Fascists


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