The real State of the State 2013

“In fact they were so intent on ignoring the voices of Michigan residents that they closed down the Capitol.” – Tim Greimel, The Real State of the State

Well I won’t be going to the State of the State tonight as planned. I’m home with the flu because some sick jackass came to work and coughed on me. Bastard.

I’m still hoping we have someone there to take pictures but I’m assuming she’s not going to want to go alone. Especially with this going on:

I thought it was bad last time, when we were locked in that room for the first time ever. Afraid of “Occupy” is what they told us last year. “Occupy might rush the building” is exactly what we were told. This time I suppose they’re afraid of union thugs like me. I am pretty scary.

So the State of the State really started last week with everyone rushing to talk about what we would hear and why we would hear it. Then yesterday the Democrats presented ‘The Real State of the State.’ Here it is:

It’s good to see the Dems get out in front of this and start talking about what’s what. They lay it out, they back it up with the facts, and they tell you what we’re going to do.

Ari Adler couldn’t wait to get out there and say that Dems were just being negative and all that, which is kinda like when you take your car in to get the brakes fixed and the guy says you’re just being negative. But what about the brakes Ari Adler???

Jump it. The embedded State of the State livestream is over the fold.

Watch live streaming video from snyderlive at

I’m not sure if I’m up to watching and snarking on this tonight. I feel awful and my defenses are down. If Snyder pontificates bipartisanship while the police are outside with pepper spray and riot gear, I am likely to throw my laptop across this room. Not. Sexy.

So I might just take some cough syrup and lay down. Solidarity to all my brothers & sisters & fellow Dems. I wish I could join you tonight, if for no other reason than to wear my brand new “union thug” t-shirt in the Capitol.

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