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“In some sense its another example of the governor being out of touch while on the other hand, it’s a very minor thing. It’s not something I get bent out of shape about. We all make mistakes so I’m not overly worried about it.”Tim Greimel, on the Governor referring to him as ‘Andy’

That one is from this article by Skubick, who reflects on how Governor Snyder suddenly needs to figure out how to be a politician. Snyder needs Democrats to get things done, yet he can’t be bothered to learn their names or call them on the phone. To Snyder, referring to Rep Greimel as “Andy” is as natural as referring to him as “food” or “toy.” It’s all the same to Snyder.

Michigan’s big problem is that Snyder doesn’t know what it means to work with opposition in government. Sure he knows what it means to work with opposition in corporate America, where you can fire people, marginalize board members, drop vendors, change banks, and scrap projects when the cost of team dysfunction becomes greater than the profit from a successful result. In that world you are either a supplier, a consumer, or a colleague placed somewhere in clearly outlined organizational chart. The numbers are in the black or in the red, and morality isn’t an issue because profit is the only thing that matters. Profit is good; more profit is better.

Powerful nuances of corporate politics notwithstanding, the business world just doesn’t prepare you for the work of governing. Snyder’s got some huge fails coming his way, and I look forward to mocking him for every one of them.

For more on Snyder’s fails, take a look at Not On My Agenda, which is a website dedicated to Snyder’s lies about his legislative priorities.

Want to hear something gross?

State Rep. John Walsh has been selected as a “rising star” of American government by the Aspen Institute-Rodel Fellowship Program for Public Leadership. He joins 23 other public servants from across the nation recognized for their outstanding bipartisan leadership at state and local levels of government.

The fellowship program is open by invitation only to anyone in elected office. Each class consists of 24 fellows identified by the program’s leadership as America’s emerging political leaders with reputations for intellect, thoughtfulness and commitment to civil dialogue. The current class includes Michigan Speaker of the House Jase Bolger and Michigan Lt. Gov. Brian Calley.

Emphasis mine, because it made me laugh out loud. I wonder if these guys were selected before or after the Capitol was shut down and peaceful protesters were pepper-sprayed? And Michigan State Police were brought to the House floor?

I’m just sayin.

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Peter Luke has a good column here about the ‘real Rick Snyder’

So, in delivering his third State of the State speech to the most bitterly divided Legislature in memory Wednesday, Snyder has to decide whether he wants to mend fences or build more of them.

I think Snyder will neither try to mend or build more fences. Fences are not on his agenda. He has already backed off his school voucher program, at least in terms of putting in the State of the State, and he’s trying to distance himself from the Pure Michigan ad. That tells me he doesn’t want anymore public fights right now.

But we’ll see what he does at the State of the State. I’ve been wrong about this Governor before, even to the point where I didn’t hate or fear this guy. I learned that lesson, boy-howdy.

Cliff Taylor, the former sleeping judge who Diane Hathaway took care of for us, is now the Chairman of the Mackinac Center Board of Directors. And why wouldn’t he be the Chairman of the Board for the organization that manufactured the logic behind all of his decisions? It’s like hiring Jared to represent Subway.

Thom Hartmann had a segment on corporations spreading the flu by refusing to give workers paid sick time. You can see the segment in this video, from about 22:00 – 27:50. Here’s the web ad he references:

My new best friend:

Rick Dictator.

Just for fun: Three Princeton students pose after the Freshman, Sophomore snowball fight. 1893. Princeton, NJ. More info.

Census Daily Tuesday, January 15th. Dr. Martin Luther King would be 84 years old today. The civil rights leader, minister, and recipient of the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize was born in 1929 and assassinated in 1968. Next Monday is a national holiday, honoring his memory and life’s work, appropriate in a month that also sees the anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. America’s diverse population of some 308 million enjoys the civil rights Dr. King advocated, including 224 million whites, more than 42 million African-Americans, over 14.5 million Asians and about 3 million American Indians and Alaska natives. Just over 50 million of the U.S. population is of Hispanic origin.

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