News flash: Snyder’s ‘shared sacrifice’ is a cookbook

“And the book?” I demanded, annoyed. “What about that — How to Serve Man? That wasn’t put there for you to read. They mean it. How do you explain that?”

“I’ve read the first paragraph of that book,” he said. “Why do you suppose I haven‟t slept for a week?”

I said, “Well?” and he smiled a curious, twisted smile.

“It’s a cookbook,” he said.

~ To Serve Man, Damon Knight

Here’s a pdf of the short story, in its entirety.

You’ve got to hand it to the space aliens and the Republicans; they know how to get the most out of their words.

Democrats have been crying for years to get the rich to pay their “fair share” while the Republicans blocked every attempt we made to do so. When the moderate looking schlep-nerd came along and talked about “shared sacrifice,” many of our citizens took that to mean that he was a new kind of Republican who understood what “fair share” means.

Now, two years after he’s fattened you up and dumbed you down, here are the results of his shared sacrifice:

Based on your income, here is the typical increase in your state taxes based on Jacobs research:

17-35,000: $160
33-53,000: $296
83-151,000: $459

The governor concedes some will pay more, but he argues, remember there was a state deficit to eliminate.

Gilda Jacobs explains more:

Recent corporate tax breaks mean that businesses will contribute less than 2 percent to the General Fund, the state’s main source of funding. But the working poor – who spend long hours in nursing homes, restaurants, child care and other important but low-paid positions — will get a $262 million tax increase this year. This is because our state Earned Income Tax Credit was slashed by 70 percent to help pay for corporate tax breaks.

Shared Sacrifice. It’s a cookbook.

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