Is there a Night Shift with Tony Trupiano on the way?

I normally don’t blog rumors but this one is just too much fun to resist. I’m hearing that First Shift with Tony Trupiano will be coming back to Clear Channel sometime this month. The show will most likely be an evening show, rebranded as “Night Shift” and will feature many of the same guests with a similar format.

First Shift with Tony Trupiano first aired in 2011 on WDTW 1310am, Detroit’s Progressive Talk, and remained in its 6am-
9am (later 10am) time-slot until 1310am was dismantled at the end of last year. First Shift transcended talk radio and became part of the growing progressive movement in Michigan, and Tony himself became a voice for progressives throughout the state. Tony is very active in the community and attends all of the events that his calendar can accommodate. He has also worked in national radio in the past and he regularly subs for The Ed Schultz Show.

If First Shift becomes Night Shift it could open up the show for new guests and new features that weren’t practical at the old time-slot. I’m looking forward to getting more details on this and I will let you know as soon as I find out.

Until Tony is back on the air, you can find him at his website,, and listen to First Shift podcasts at the White Rose Society Tony Trupiano page. And of course you can always hook up with him on his Facebook page.

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