Snyder tarnishes Pure Michigan

Senate Dems bring us a video expressing what most of us have been feeling since Snyder went wild on his rtw binge:

News broke today that Snyder is claiming that he didn’t know about the ad and wouldn’t have written it that way:

“I would not have been emphasizing one issue the way it was emphasized in that ad,” Snyder told reporters at the Lansing Center today after a luncheon address to the Michigan Agri-Business Association. … “I would have preferred it had had a much broader definition,”

Actually it’s more likely that he suddenly realized that people don’t like it when you tie something cool like the Pure Michigan campaign to politics that are so deeply unpopular that the proponents had to lie lie lie about their intentions until BAM! Holy paraplegic waterfowl Batman!

Methinks Governor Snyder realized that he’s gone a bit too far. And I’ve got the State of the State agenda to back it up.

More on this issue from the Senate Dems here.

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