Union busting via right-to-work-for-less is already creating government jobs

Hey hey right to work for less is already creating jobs in Michigan. One job that is. More specifically, one government job.

At the advanced level – this position will be responsible for performing Freedom to Work and Right to Work research and analysis of laws pertaining to FTW laws in conjunction with other laws administered by MERC and to ensure proper and complete implementation and administration of recently-passed FTW laws. This position will consult and collaborate with legislature, Governor’s Office representatives, MERC, BER staff and others to educate and inform them and others (including employers, employees, and labor organizations) of complex issues related to FTW law.

Hehehe. Here’s the application (pdf)

The position pays $36.78 – $51.24 per hour, based on this schedule. (pdf) Free pepper-spray for the successful candidate.

They should have mentioned that the position will probably be eliminated in 2014.

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  1. I wish they’d stop calling it “Freedom to Work”. Has anyone ever felt free at work? How many people go to their jobs each day, punch in the clock, and say “Look at how free I am!”

    Do Communist countries not have wage slaves, or were all those stories about Chinese sweatshops a lie?

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