Snyder hints that rtw was on his agenda since last summer

So Snyder has been repeating a few things since he pushed rtw through lame duck:

1. It wasn’t on his agenda until everyone else put it there.
2. It was put on his agenda because of the union push for Prop 2
3. He never lied about this issue, not ever ever ever.

And then this happened:

The governor nailed it the other day as he lamented he and others should have started last summer to build the relationships that were required to work out the differences over Right to Work legislation.

But doing that would have required that Snyder admit that rtw was “on the agenda.” And let’s take a look at what would have happened then:

1. The GOP would have suffered a greater loss of seats (at least 4, according to Emptywheel)
2. Prop 2 likely would have passed, enshrining the right to free negotiations in the Constitution

And that wouldn’t be good for Snyder, or his friends.

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