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"Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the American Government take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian"

That quote is attributed to Henry Ford. I don’t know if he said it but it’s ridiculously stupid, which makes it a great example of how a modern conservative thinks. And it gives me a reason to show you this:

Although now rusted from years of disuse, they still convey the horror of their brutal purpose, which was to restrain Native children who were being brought to boarding schools.
… Known as the Haskell Institute in its early years, the school opened its doors in 1884. It was originally founded as an instrument of the final solution to this country’s “Indian problem”; Haskell Institute’s mission then was embodied in the now infamous motto of Captain Richard H. Pratt, founder of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School: “Kill the Indian, Save the Man.” This mind-set led to decades of forced acculturation through brutal military

Just a little light reading to kick off the year.

Gillman thinks that the new recall law will face a legal challenge. It’s an interesting thought; you can read it on Right Michigan here. I can’t say that I care too much about this issue. I have recall fatigue. The recall laws are abused and used as a sword instead of a shield. In Shiawassee County recalls are part of the Republican election strategy. If you need to get rid of someone popular, you don’t run in a primary or a general, you just run a recall when no one is paying attention. (Owosso Township is famous for this bullshit) But this legislation doesn’t just contradict the state constitution; it kicks it in the balls and calls its mother a whore. I can spell it out for you here but Jason does a good job in his post.

Woman jailed in Michigan for 10 days over courthouse profanity is released from custody This is bullshit.

A woman who was kept in a Michigan jail for 10 days after cursing in a courthouse has been released after a second judge intervened.

.. She was charged with contempt after a clerk heard Ford use a profanity while trying to take care of an old traffic ticket on Dec. 4.

… She admits cursing but says she said it to herself.

Not a big fan of putting people in jail for their words.

Gov. Snyder signs bill allowing wolf hunting season in Michigan Hey, it’s not like wolves are corporations. This law doesn’t establish a hunting season for wolves; it does establish that wolves are a game animal, which means that the Natural Resources Commission can establish a hunting season. Anti-hunting advocates say that the state’s wolf management plan (pdf) is sufficient to control the wolf population, so there’s no need to hunt the wolves. There are about 700 wolves in the Upper Peninsula, up from about 500 in 2008.

Here’s my new best friend on 5 stupid things about December 31. You’ll like him.

Yuk yuk.

Minimum wage going up in 10 states on New Year’s Day

In nine states, the minimum wage increases because it is indexed to inflation, rising with the cost of living. Rhode Island passed a law raising its minimum wage in June, which takes effect Jan. 1. Nine other states and the District of Columbia have minimum wages above the federal rate of $7.25 an hour.

But the poor people don’t get any help in Michigan, because in Michigan we raised their taxes instead! haha joke on you, poor bastards!!

And this ought to cheer you up: Bad news at Fox News? Hannity’s ratings plummet

In the days after, according to Nielsen ratings, Hannity’s nightly audience plummeted to 1.95 million. He lost nearly 50 percent of his viewers, more than 50 percent in the coveted 25-54 age group.

“The O’Reilly Factor” also saw a drop, but not as severe. BillO dropped from 4.135 million nightly viewers to 3.049 million after the election. He’s restarted an old war — the “war on Christmas” — presumably in the hopes of getting them back.

Suck it, nut jobs.

Census DailyWednesday, January 2nd. On this day in 1900, President William McKinley’s Secretary of State, John Hay, announced the so-called “open door” policy to stimulate trade with China, free of exclusion by imperial European powers scrambling for control of Chinese markets in the era before the income tax. This was significant because a very large portion of federal revenue came from tariffs or customs on imports. In 1900, federal receipts were around $567 million of which 41 percent were from customs duties. As of this past September, our imports from China were valued at nearly $38 billion for the month, while exports to that nation totaled just under $9 billion.

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  • Norm Mackey

    Actually the NRC is going to have quite a thorny problem even considering allowing a wolf hunt under the provisions of Michigan’s Proposal G (1996) and the Michigan Wolf Management Plan they have promised to stick to. The former will require that wolf hunting be according to principles of sound scientific management, i.e. a better solution to the actual problems than the directed management used now.

    There cannot be a hunt unless it is the most sound and scientific way of managing wolves from those available, versus current management methods and all other options, like population reduction and actual control of reproduction by directed removal of small wolf packs, and it must be assured that the effect running natural wolf population controls exactly backwards by making packs smaller and opening niches for new pairs of wolves to form packs will be determined before before hunts start, undeniably, scything random pack members out of all the packs in an area, instantly sabotaging those controls for years.

    At the same time the tribal natural resource managers recognize these factors, and expect the ill effects of a wolf hunt. They believe they have management rights under a court consent decree, and they and the other stakeholders in the Wolf Management Plan will point out the plan requires the main focus of wolf control be directed removals of problem wolves, and the use of lethal controls only when nonlethal controls will not work in a specific case.

    The NRC cannot simply ignore the plan, unilaterally change it, or replace the stakeholders with a new more hunting-oriented set. Aside from obvious side effects like generating possible state-supported racism against groups continuing to oppose the plan they will simply precipitate a veto resolution like the one that cancelled the Mourning Dove season that shot through the legislature and NRC like grass through a goose, and lost over 2 to 1. (69/31%). That will prevent the law from taking effect until the next general election when the general public decides.

    Time to start gathering signatures? First, there’s the next NRC meeting to attend:

    The Chair of the NRC, JR Richardson, has requested that the MI DNR provide a status update on Michigan wolves at the next NRC meeting scheduled for 1/10/2013 at the MSU Diagnostic Center, Lansing, MI To view the agenda, go to:

    The NRC is accepting comments via email send to both:
    Deb Whipple
    Chair NRC JR Richardson
    If you would like to address the Commission in person contact Deb Whipple at 517-373-2352 or e-mail

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  • Christine Is Dumb

    Holy shit you are really, really fucking stupid.