House GOP Ari Adler compares the rtw protests to a lie he created about death threats

It’s not that I ever thought Ari Adler was a sharp tack, but he has really jumped the shark in the past week. A few days ago he published a completely inappropriate post regarding the CT shooting AND the gun bill that was just vetoed, and now he’s compared the inappropriate actions during the rtw protests to a lie he constructed about Barb Byrum. Here’s the scoop.

After the @migop had the @michstatepolice on the House floor in the middle of the rtw debate, and hired personal security for Jase Bolger, the House Dems started an investigation:

Greimel said a second FOIA request was filed with the Michigan State Police to determine who gave the order for several Michigan State Police troopers to come onto the House Floor following the vote on a “right-to-work” bill yesterday. The House floor is outside of state police jurisdiction and authority — the House Sergeants-at-Arms provide that service. … we are very concerned that State Police troopers began to intervene on the House floor when a procedural dispute over House rules occurred,” Greimel said.

The first FOIA request seeks information about the funding for Jase Bolger’s personal security guards.

Follow me over the jump, cuz you’re not gonna believe this crap. ….

From MIRS News:

“It is extremely disappointing that the House Democrats have decided to make security and public safety a partisan issue,” Adler added last week. “When Rep. Barb BYRUM (D-Onondaga) and her family had security concerns in Sept. 2011, Speaker Bolger personally made sure that she and her family were protected even though state resources were needed.

“No House Republicans sought to politicize that issue or ever questioned the need for law enforcement to do what was needed to protect Rep. Byrum and her family.”

As for MSP troopers being on the House floor on Tuesday, Adler said, the troopers believed they were motioned to assist on the floor.

“Upon seeing the troopers on the House floor, Speaker Bolger personally informed them that there was no incident occurring and asked them to immediately leave the House floor, which they promptly did,” Adler said.

Well no one knows if @speakerbolger told the State Police to leave. Although to be fair, Bolger doesn’t lie, he’s just evasive (self-titled). But we do know that the bit about Barb Byrum set Adler’s pants on fire:

Invoking a situation where my family and children received death threats from a convicted felon and comparing them with the rallies at the Capitol last week show that he and Speaker Bolger have no shame and little if any compassion.

Moreover, I did not contact the Michigan State Police during our ordeal. MSP contacted us as they were concerned for our safety, not the other way around.

To be clear, Speaker Bolger had nothing to do with my protection. In fact, he was unaware of the death threats until weeks later.

Unlike the Speaker, I did not have security that escorted me from my home to the State Capitol. I also did not have security within feet from me on the House Floor.

So to be clear: Not only did Ari Adler create a ridiculous false equivalency between two completely dissimilar situations, but the dingbat had to lie about the second situation before he could compare it.

Is there any wonder why the Republicans are so bad at policy? They’re lunatics.

ps. vagina.

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